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Leading auto insurance company improves compliance by 15%, mitigating risk with conversation intelligence

With conversation intelligence the company mitigates compliance risk and tailors coaching for individual agents with Observe.AI.

agents migrated to remote working overnight
monthly interactions increased call coverage from .003% to 100%‍
greater adoption of mandatory call disclosures in the first month.‍

The company is a personal automobile insurance company utilizing technology and data to tackle the archaic insurance industry. Basing rates primarily on how people drive, rather than who they are, the company replaces insurance agents with their state of the art app. Their customer service team handles all stages of the customer journey with the exception of claims. This includes inquiries around how the product works, app support, selecting coverage options, making policy changes, billing, and renewals. 


In 2019, the company experienced tremendous growth. Their core product expanded from 21 to 29 states. They also launched a renters insurance product which is now in three states. To support these efforts, their customer service team grew from 20-120 agents supporting 29k to 102k monthly interactions, respectively. 

With rapid growth, product expansion, and state-specific regulations and coverages, they faced several challenges.

Manual Quality Review Process and Low Call Coverage

The company's original quality assurance process included three tools and Google Sheets, which they used to randomly sample recorded calls based on duration. They had a Customer Service Rep (CSR) to Quality Analyst ratio of 50 to 1. Using a lengthy, manual process, their quality analysts were only able to evaluate two calls per associate per month. As a result, they were only touching a very small sample size of the total interactions (.003% of 102,000 monthly interactions).

One-size Fits All Training Program

Without agent performance data and insights, their training managers had less to work in identifying areas in need of improvement, topics for training, and what agents, in particular, were in need of targeted training.

Lack of Vision Into Crucial Insights

Average handle time (AHT) and customer satisfaction are two important contact center performance indicators, and is the key to understanding user perception of both the brand and its services. Without CSAT data, they were unable to prioritize coaching agents, redesigning processes, or innovating their product.

“Before implementing Contact Center AI just seven months ago, our quality review process was extremely manual. Our CSR to Quality Analyst ratio is about 50 to 1. In an average month, an analyst evaluates two calls per associate. During any given month, our CSRs take hundreds of calls. By only evaluating 2 calls, our QA’s were touching a very small sample of the total interactions.”
- The Company's Compliance Manager

Solution & Results

Observe.AI’s Contact Center AI platform empowered the company to transform its quality program for a rapidly growing team and business.

100% Call Coverage

With Contact Center AI, the company quality checks 100% of voice calls, and maintains that coverage even as the monthly interactions continue to grow. This coverage is at the core of transforming their quality program, providing them deep insights into every interaction, and providing the data to drive change for both individual agents and across the entire organization.

Proactive Compliance Monitoring

They can hone in on areas of exposure and better mitigate compliance risk with Contact Center AI. By identifying gaps in compliance (most importantly formal complaints and recorded call disclosure), trainers can ensure they are emphasized during onboarding, improvements can be monitored, and outliers can be coached accordingly.

Full Visibility into Mission-critical Interactions

Beyond compliance, the company has also vastly improved visibility into other key interactions critical to driving efficiency and customer satisfaction. For efficiency, Average Handle Time (AHT) identifies gaps in agent knowledge, confidence, or control, or possibly even uncovers a non-efficient process. For customer satisfaction, Observe.AI’s best-in-industry sentiment analysis shows them how customers feel about the brand and service, and gives them data on how to improve agents, internal processes, and their product.

Tailored Coaching and Training

Contact Center AI allows the company to look at an agent’s full call product and understand the entire story, identifying where the gaps are for diving deeper and thus, creating the most impactful coaching program.

“Success for our team means bringing out the best in each agent. We’re able to do that by throwing out the one size fits all coaching approach and tailoring conversations on an individual basis. Contact Center AI helps ensure you’re an optimized leader by identifying and addressing the right gaps.”
- The Company's Compliance Manager

Looking Forward

Observe.AI has helped the company evolve from the outdated, non-efficient, and in some cases, non-effective ways of quality checking calls and transition to a more strategic approach. Moving from random sampling to targeting specific quality gaps for associates, their quality program has transformed from guesswork to data-driven and impact. In turn, they are confident that they are turning every agent is the best possible brand representative

“Contact Center AI lets us filter through thousands of calls, pinpoint pain points, analyze customer feedback, and act with urgency to improve our user experience and strategically plan innovative efforts based around the customer, for the customer. In essence, voice becomes a critical element for our brand’s continued success.”
- The Company's Manager of Customer Service Operations

The company offers an app-based personal automobile insurance.
With a rapidly growing team, surging monthly interactions, and regional expansion, the company needed a way to gain deep insights into agent performance and reinvent their quality program to help customers own their own support experience.
The company uses Observe.AI to ensure 100% visibility into customer interactions, reduce compliance risk, and better tailor coaching programs for their growing team of agents.
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