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Targeted and contextual coaching for every agent

Bring out the best in every agent. Gain a holistic line of sight into agent performance. Support agents with situational context plus targeted coaching feedback.
Get 100% visibility into team and agent performance.
Provide timely and targeted coaching to your agents.
Drive consistency in the way coaches document and deliver coaching.
Keep track of agent development and progress.

Gain a holistic line of sight into team performance

Observe.AI provides a curated set of metrics that help you effectively monitor performance of your entire team along with individual agents. Automatically identify top and bottom performers to prioritize coaching for agents that need the most guidance.

Provide personalized coaching at scale

Automated coaching recommendations surface the skill, behavior, or knowledge-related gaps detected on QA evaluations so you can make your coaching more focused and targeted.
Kyle Kizer
Compliance Manager

“We’re able to throw out the one size fits all coaching approach and tailoring conversations on an individual basis. Observe.AI helps ensure you’re an optimized leader by identifying and addressing the right gaps.

Nairuby Mata
QA analyst

“Before Observe.AI, our QAs would have to review week by week each individual instance to then manually pull trends for coaching. Now, we can get a snapshot of agent performance and see how it has improved over time.

Laura Diaz
QA analyst

I love Observe.AI’s coaching interface, being able to see the feedback notes, and viewing other opportunities for coaching all in one place.”


Make coaching measurable and more consistent

Drive consistency in the way coaches document and deliver coaching. Help coaches summarize feedback and connect it to specific conversations on the platform. Use action plans to turn coaching conversations into commitments. Tag coaching conversations to business KPIs and measure what matters.

Maintain a repository of agent development and progress

Keep tabs on agent development and easily show proof of everything you have done to make your agents successful. If an agent moves from one team to another or is up for promotion, coaches have a repository of coaching notes to reference at any time.

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