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Unlock hidden insights in your conversations

Transcribe and analyze 100% of your agent-customer conversations, and surface insights that improve CX, drive revenue growth, boost operational efficiency, and mitigate compliance risk.

Identify how top reps overcome objections, then replicate that behavior across your team.

Understand what customers are saying about your products and offerings.

Find out the underlying reasons for customer dissatisfaction.

Uncover common blockers to sales conversion and growth.


Surface actionable insights from interactions

Observe.AI is powered by Moments, the most comprehensive insight extraction architecture for conversation intelligence. Moments enable insights at every stage of the interaction based on keywords, phrases, and criteria specifically tailored to customer needs.

Leverage Gen AI for faster time-to-value and higher automation

Easily create Moments and train the model with natural language to derive ambiguous and complex insights at scale. Intelligent, human-centric feedback loops continually improve generative AI outputs so you can quickly reach full QA automation and act on insights that are most meaningful to your business.

Discover the nuances of communication

Uncover all possible variations in customer and agent communication to extract comprehensive insights from every interaction. Find semantically similar Moments related to the ones you are already tracking to enhance real-time guidance, personalized coaching, and actionable analytics.

Analyze the spoken context within conversations

Leverage built-in intelligence powered by machine learning to account for specific cues like tone, speech rate, speaker volume, silence, and overtalk; because understanding how something is said is just as important as what is being said.

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