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Expertly manage risk and compliance

Reduce risk and stay compliant with reminders and alerts on live interactions and a fully auditable trail of accurate, secure customer conversations.
Mitigate risk with 100% compliance monitoring.
Remind agents to follow scripts and read compliance statements.
Redact sensitive information to protect customer data.

Deliver "failproof" compliance

Ensure agents never miss scripts or say things that can result in regulatory violations, fines, or lawsuits. Use Real-Time AI-based guidance to make them stick to critical parts of company scripts or industry disclosures, like Mini Miranda.
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Vince Trotter
VP of Quality

“​​Observe.AI has enabled us to increase compliance coverage by 97%, evaluate calls with greater efficiency and have a line of sight into day-to-day operations.”


Prevent compliance breaches with 100% monitoring

Uncover every instance where agents don’t follow scripts and key disclosures with an AI engine that analyzes conversations with actionable and trustworthy recommendations.
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Paritosh Pathak

"Observe.AI is critical for training agents on the job, improving compliance, and catching trends around keywords being said. The platform brings wisdom of the entire system to that agent, and empowers them with data.”


Selective redaction gives you security and control

Protect sensitive PCI/PII customer data with high accuracy without losing any contextual information required for QA evaluations and targeted coaching.
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