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After call work (ACW)
After call work refers to a set of tasks that a contact center agent has to complete after every interaction with a customer.
Agent performance
Agent performance is a broad analysis of how agents are performing on a wide variety of monitorable call center metrics and KPIs.
Call abandonment rate
For a contact center, call abandonment rate refers to the percentage of inbound phone calls that are abandoned by the customer before speaking to an agent.
Call center agent evaluation form
A call center agent evaluation form is a pre-made template for evaluating a call, where a QA analyst fills out a form and scores how the agent performed on a wide variety of interactions throughout the call.
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Interactive voice response (IVR)
IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated system that routes calls to the most appropriate agent through identification and segmentation. IVR is an incredibly important tool for contact centers as it can partly or fully automate customer service programs and drive efficiency.
Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO)
Outsourcing of core, information-related work activities to different companies with expertise in special areas
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Sentiment analysis
Driven by natural language processing (NLP), a sentiment analysis service gauges the emotion of the customer (from positive to negative).
Speech analytics
Speech analytics is a software technology that transcribes 100% of voice calls and derives deep insights, trends, and metrics from each call. It utilizes AI services including transcription, natural language processing, and speech technologies to understand, analyze, and derive insights from a voice conversation. These insights are then used to evaluate agent performance, assess customer experience, and monitor organization-wide strengths and shortcomings.
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