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Drive More Sales

with high-conversion scripts, objection handling prompts, and upsell reminders.

Real-Time Al for Sales

Reduce Compliance Risk

with real-time script adherence checks and agent reminders to read out disclosure statements.

Real-Time Al for Compliance

Improve Customer Experience

with timely access to the right information, contextual supervisor help, and guidance on soft skills.

Real-Time Al for Customer Service
Agent Assist

Keep agents on script and deliver consistent outcomes

Smart Scripts

Give agents a visual checklist during each conversation to keep them on track, provide positive reinforcement, and drive self-coaching.

Dynamic Prompts

Provide objection handling talk tracks, upsell reminders, or links to Knowledge Base articles to answer customer questions.

Behavioral Coaching

Create an early warning system that can notify reps of negative customer sentiment, hold time violations, and other mistakes to help agents course correct and improve outcomes.

Ensure consistency and high quality in call notes

AI identifies key entities such as dollar amounts and dates throughout the call and auto-creates call summaries so the agent can focus on the customer and reduce after call work. Automatically sync notes and entities with CRM for improved data quality and consistent reporting.

Give your agents live assistance when they
need it most

Give supervisors a 360-degree view of all active conversations. Enable them to impact outcomes immediately by surfacing difficult customer interactions, coachable moments, and agents seeking help. Supervisors provide contextual help and save calls before they end.

Personalize agent experiences to skill gap insights

Easily create custom agent experiences based on needs or skill gaps identified in evaluations and coaching sessions. Deploy real-time guidance in minutes. Keep it updated and always relevant to current needs.

Make smarter and faster business decisions with live call trends

Get visibility into business and agent performance trends instantly. Make every agent a top performer by replicating the behaviors that lead to more revenue.

Improve agent performance at every touchpoint

Combine in-the-moment AI assistance with post-interaction QA and coaching for a complete line of sight into what’s happening in the business and where agents can improve.

Create custom agent experiences tied to QA and coaching insights

Follow up on real-time trends by setting coaching plans

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