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Eliminate after call work with AI-generated interaction summaries.

Generate better data by improving the quality and consistency in call notes.

Customize AI to your needs by defining the call summary structure and format.


Choose your own summary style

Let AI know how you want your summaries - structured, unstructured, or with entities highlighted. Define the fields you want in structured summaries. Get summaries right after the call, via API, or in the post-call analysis or QA flow.

Standardize quality and consistency in your notes

Stop relying on agents' skills to create sufficiently detailed and descriptive notes. Observe.AI’s proprietary contact center LLM is trained on 40 billion parameter. It creates summaries that aptly and accurately describe the essence of any customer interaction.

Allow agents to edit or add notes

Agents can also add their own notes to the AI summary. Additionally, Observe.AI’s Agent Assist captures Moment-based notes that are specific to the triggers you want to follow and measure across customer interactions.

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