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Go beyond scoring to inspire change

Monitor quality on 100% of conversations, rapidly evaluate agent performance and deliver contextual feedback that inspires action.
Surface key conversations to be monitored for quality.
Evaluate more conversations in less time.
Deliver feedback that your team trusts and executes on.
Track quality across voice & chat conversations.

Take the guesswork out of quality monitoring

Gain a line of sight on every conversation, prioritize and pick the right conversations for review, while also focusing on parts of each conversation that need attention or have the highest potential to drive change.

Evaluate conversations 5x faster with holistic context

Eliminate tool sprawl by bringing together call audio, transcripts, and QA Evaluation Forms in one simple and intuitive interface. Gain wider conversation coverage, complete evaluations faster, and get back time to tackle more strategic initiatives.
Melquin Troncoso
Global QA Director

“With the new evaluation forms embedded in the platform, being able to audit faster has effectively been confirmed. We no longer need to navigate through multiple tools - it’s a one stop shop.

Pat S.
Operations Supervisor

Observe.AI is helping me manage my quality and compliance requirements with ease. I've realized that with AI we can evaluate and review more calls in a more efficient and timely manner.”

Nicole B
Quality Assurance Expert

We have tripled our evaluations per month! I can manage compliance, CSAT and call grading better than ever. Coaching is effortless, and everything is in one spot for each expert when it's time to review."


Drive trust, transparency and compliance

Go beyond scoring. Give agents the reasoning behind low scores and ways to earn back points in the future. Share targeted coaching tips with supervisors and flag compliance misses with other teams.

Adapt to any business need with customizable QA forms

Easily create new QA forms for voice and chat conversations to support specific teams and business lines. Customize form questions and scoring logic, then preview and test forms thoroughly before you roll them out to your team.

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