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A New Era of Contact Center QA Automation is Here

A New Era of Contact Center QA Automation is Here

Introducing Auto QA by Observe.AI, the industry’s first adaptive automation solution for boosting agent performance.

Sally is your best-performing agent on the team.

She scored the highest on all her evaluation forms.

She scores high on call openings and greetings and customer validation. She follows the script to a tee.

But here’s the catch.

She curses on calls.

Never on the 10 calls per month she gets evaluated on (miraculously). But on the rest of the 584 calls she took last month she used profanity.

Now imagine if Bob was repeatedly breaking compliance. Meggie always forgets to authenticate the customer's identity. And your QA process was not picking up on these critical agent performance issues.

Redefining quality assurance and coaching workflows for faster business-improving impact

The numbers are in.

Here's what we know:

  • 86% of customers prefer to interact with a human agent,
  • 80% prioritize experience as highly as products, and
  • 78% will change their perception about a brand based on a single interaction with an agent

With statistics like this, you can’t leave customer experience and the performance of your contact center to chance.

The good news is that you have all the data: All those calls that are “being recorded for quality assurance purposes” to track and improve agent performance.

The challenge is actually finding the hours to review them.

Quality assurance automation has claimed to solve this problem, but, in all reality, it hasn’t been delivering on its promise.

And that’s why we set out to solve the problem of spot-checking QA in a new way.

Introducing Observe.AI’s Auto QA

Auto QA automatically evaluates voice and chat customer interactions based on QA forms and criteria specified by you, then shows you AI-powered evidence based on specific moments throughout the interaction so you can boost agent performance and drive faster impact on customer experience and revenue generation

Unlike legacy solutions that rely on rigid, hard-coded automation logic, we empower your human QA talent to customize your automation rules to the unique requirements of your business. This means contact center QA and operations teams can test, tune, and calibrate machine-driven automation, and achieve the optimal balance of human efficacy and AI-powered efficiency.

It’s human-informed automation at its best. The human talent is kept in-the-loop precisely for strategic areas where they can make the greatest impact, while the machine takes over the tedious manual QA tasks.

Here’s how it works:

Define your business question, for example: did the agent greet the customer?

Auto QA then uses AI and machine learning to identify relevant parts of every interaction and guide the machine on how to answer the question.

Here’s where the magic happens: Auto QA not only identifies the moments and recommends an assessment, it allows the QA team to compare the machine-driven answer to how the human scored the interaction and calibrate it accordingly for more accuracy.

Now let it automate your QA with confidence so your QA team, managers and supervisors can focus on what matters most - turning these evaluation insights into strategic coaching plans that drive behavior change.

And your agents, who are the frontline of your business driving brand loyalty and customer satisfaction, can receive targeted, proactive coaching based on all their interactions, not just a small sample.

While other vendors have attempted this, we are introducing new levels of fine-tuning for QA automation. The result is a comprehensive, consistent approach to quality assurance and agent coaching that delivers tremendous business value.

Auto QA works because it’s:

  • Comprehensive with a machine-automated line of sight into how agents are performing across every interaction, delivering trustworthy and actionable intelligence.
  • Consistent by establishing an objective evaluation lens across your entire business, normalizing QA scoring, and eliminating human errors and biases.  
  • Calibrated combining the best of both worlds—human and machine intelligence—allowing contact centers to test, tune, and validate machine-driven results.

Want to learn how you can boost agent performance faster with automated quality assurance? Or maybe you’ve tried it with another vendor and didn’t get the results you were hoping for. We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can support the unique needs of your business. See a demo today.

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Hila Segal
VP, Product Marketing
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May 24, 2022

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