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At Observe.AI, our team has a strong technology background as well as a deep understanding of customer needs in the call center space. We have brought together amazing people to create a voice AI platform that truly creates value for our customers.


Swapnil Jain
Swapnil comes with a strong background in Technology and Product at Twitter and Google. As the Chief Executive Officer at Observe.AI he focuses on product innovation.
Akash Singh
Akash is a techie with experience of building and scaling services at InMobi. As the Chief Technology Officer at Observe.AI he focuses on Engineering.
Sharath Keshava Narayana
Sharath is a 2nd-time entrepreneur with over 14 years experience in building and managing global Sales teams at Unbxd, AWS and Akamai. As the Chief Revenue Officer at Observe.AI he focuses on go-to-market functions.
Jithendra Vepa
Chief Scientist
Jithendra is a recognized expert in spoken language technologies and has worked on both research and development of automatic speech recognition (ASR), Text-to-speech (TTS) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies for the last two decades. As the Chief scientist, Jithendra leads the AI function and focuses on building the next generation conversational AI platform for the call centers.
Jason Turpin
Head of Product
Jason comes with a strong product background at large companies such as Five9, Genesys and Oracle as well as startups such as VoiceBase, Mobilize and LiveOps (Serenova). As the Head of Product, Jason oversees product strategy, product management, and user experience design.
Amitt Sharma
Head of Customer Success
Amitt has over a decade of experience handling relationships at Fortune 500 clients through pivotal positions at industry bellwether Sprinklr, Akamai, Unbxd to name a few. As the Head of Customer Success, Amitt oversees Customer Success and Delivery at Observe.AI.


Jishnu B
Managing Director
Nexus Venture Partners
Jishnu is a venture capitalist assisting entrepreneurs build category leading companies in US and India. Jishnu currently is the Managing Director of Nexus Venture Partners, a $1.2B venture fund and is based out of Bay Area.
Ankur Jain
Managing Partner
Emergent Ventures
Ankur is an experienced venture investor with experience at Nexus Venture Partners investing in US, India and with Blumberg Capital investing in US, Israel. Ankur is the founder and Managing Director of Emergent Ventures and is based out of Bay Area.
Christian Oestlien
Vice President, Product Management
Christian is a Product Veteran with over 2 decades of experience leading product at companies like Google and Twitter. He is currently the head for product at Youtube TV in Silicon Valley.


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