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Next Gen Conversation Intelligence Platform, powered by Gen AI

Supercharge growth and efficiencies in your contact center with Real-Time AI, Post-Interaction AI, and advanced Business Analytics

Conversation Intelligence

The Observe.AI platform analyzes customer interactions across every channel, turning unstructured data into insights and providing complete visibility into what's happening in your business.
Solve revenue, retention and operational efficiencies

With Real-Time AI, Post-Interaction AI, and advanced Business Analytics, on a single conversation intelligence platform.

Deployed at enterprise scale

From 50-50,000 agents, the Observe.AI platform operates with the speed, scalability and latency needed to handle billions of daily transactions in the contact center.

Powered by industry-leading LLM

Observe.AI Contact Center LLM is built on industry-leading foundational models, and fine-tuned with contact center data and customer-specific instruction to minimize hallucinations.

Dilhara Kaluarachchi
VP, Customer Care

“With Observe.AI, we can excavate deeper insights from our customer interaction data, and apply this intelligence faster and more precisely to drive action across the organization.”

Real-Time AI

Empower agents and sellers with real-time contextual guidance based on customer intent. Observe.AI’s platform provides agents with the most accurate information through timely alerts and prompts, while automating after-call work to accelerate agent onboarding and continuously improve performance.
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Post-Interaction AI

Automate and scale QA and personalized coaching workflows to replicate winning behaviors.
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Reporting & Analytics

Drive better outcomes by bringing the voice of the customer to the center of all business decisions, for agent performance, contact center operations and broader business metrics across marketing, product, sales and customer success and more.


We know integrations can be overwhelming. Observe.AI is built to easily connect with all your business critical systems - on-prem or in the cloud.

Observe.AI helps brands overachieve

Observe.AI customers increased sales conversions by 20% and improved compliance adherence by 15%.

We take your security seriously

Our industry leading foundational LLM models are wrapped in supervisory layers and fine-tuned with contact center data, human preferences, and customer-specific instruction to minimize hallucinations and ensure intended operation. Our technology detects and masks PII information for companies and customers, ensuring their privacy and trust.

Find out what Observe.AI can do for you

Sales Performance

Increase sales efficiency and effectiveness, at scale.


Surface real-time agent guidance and post-interaction coaching to increase compliance in your contact center.

Customer Service

Earn customer loyalty by continuously improving the quality of customer conversations.

Operational Efficiency

Help everyone on your team accomplish more, faster with consistent results.

Transform performance in your frontline
teams—and your business

Take an AI-powered approach to customer interactions and watch the results stack up. We’ll show you how.
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Empower agents and sellers with real-time guidance and support, at enterprise scale.

Real-Time Agent Assist

Enable agents and sellers with real-time alerts and prompts, based on customer intent. Observe's platform surfaces the most accurate information with zero latency, to accelerate agent onboarding and continuously improve performance.

Supervisor Assist

Empower frontline managers to intervene, provide instant feedback, and time-bound support to agents on live calls. Provide them with live data trends and call transcripts that drive rapid action.

Post-Interaction AI

Automate post-interaction analytics, Auto QA and coaching workflows to replicate winning behaviors.

Auto QA

Automate your QA process and analyze 100% of your interactions, giving you unprecedented visibility into every customer conversation. Turn every interaction into business-improving intelligence to act on.

Quality Assurance

Monitor quality on the conversations that matter the most - across channels. Rapidly evaluate agent performance and deliver contextual feedback that inspires action.

Agent Performance & Coaching

Gain a holistic line of sight into agent performance and support them with targeted coaching feedback.



The Next Generation of Conversation Intelligence, Powered by Gen AI

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