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Increase conversion
rates and new bookings, at scale

Track critical KPIs, improve seller performance, and accelerate ramp, to drive more revenue.
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Understand trends across all interactions and sellers
Improve the reps’ ability to convert while they’re on live calls
Leverage multiple coaching touchpoints to improve seller performance

Convert more calls with real-time guidance for sellers

Create consistency in how sellers execute calls, handle objections, and create upsell opportunities. Use Real-Time AI guidance and coaching to replicate your top sellers across the team.
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Make selling easier and more productive for your teams

Leverage a combination of post-interaction and real-time AI solutions to improve sales performance and keep sellers on track.
Turn sales best practices and methodologies into call scripts
Capture accurate call disposition by relying on AI to record why a call converted or didn’t
Automate mundane note-taking tasks so reps can focus on the customer
Ensure sellers can get immediate support from managers on tough calls
Curtis Bragg
Chief Growth Officer

"Observe.AI offered significant promise to add value to our business, and aligned with the Turnpoint growth strategy of incremental improvement of every stage of the customer interaction."

Turn conversation intelligence into action

Combine AI-based insights with evaluation data to know what makes some reps more successful, what questions customers commonly ask, and who’s missing out on upsell opportunities. Use data to offer personalized coaching to reps.
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Accelerate rep ramp time

Onboard new reps in record time with training focused on the most effective scripts and behaviors—according to data. Observe.AI allows you to know exactly what fresh hires need to know to hit the ground running and start contributing to the bottom line.
Ken Cohen
VP of Business Development & Consumer Sales

“The power of the platform is limited to the individual user’s imagination. It truly forces you to rethink what is possible.”