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Scale conversation analytics with AI

Leverage AI and automation to analyze every customer interaction so you can bring the voice of the customer to the center of every business decision.
100% visibility into customer conversations
1000X volume interaction data analyzed
Instant insights into coaching opportunities
Faster feedback to agents
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Personalized coaching for all your agents

With Auto QA, coaching workflows are powered by the most robust agent performance insights, so supervisors and managers can provide proactive, personalized coaching at scale to change behavior.
Brady Thompson
Speech Analyst

"Auto QA offers transparency and visibility into our business across a large sample of customer interactions. The calibration capability allows us to find sources of machine or human-led errors so we can drive the necessary policy changes and better coach our agents.”

Pat S.
Operations Supervisor

Observe.AI is helping me manage my quality and compliance requirements with ease. I've realized that with AI we can evaluate and review more calls in a more efficient and timely manner.”

Nicole B
Quality Assurance Expert

We have tripled our evaluations per month! I can manage compliance, CSAT and call grading better than ever. Coaching is effortless, and everything is in one spot for each expert when it's time to review."

Simple setup

Achieve higher accuracy and coverage

Create complex automation rules with ease using generative AI, flexible metadata and Moment combinations, and advanced conditions.
Human-centric automation

Contact Center automation you can trust

Trust comes with transparency. See evidence used to arrive at automated answers and give direct feedback to further refine the machine.

Customize with confidence

Don't settle for black-box automation. Combine human and machine intelligence to test, tune, and validate machine-driven results for higher control and accuracy.

Begin your automation journey today.

Watch our Contact Center Automation Maturity Model webinar and learn how to navigate the contact center’s digital transformation journey.

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