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Drive operational efficiency at scale

Leave time-consuming processes behind with automated, efficient workflows. Achieve higher output in a fraction of the time while reducing costs and boosting productivity.
Automate manual tasks to save your team time and lower costs.
Ramp up agents remotely with end-to-end coaching workflows.
Implement a quality program to improve call resolution, dead air and hold times.

Multiply your productivity

Gone are the days of spreadsheets and limited visibility. Eliminate tedious QA and coaching tasks to help your teams work smarter, not harder.
Marty Sarim
President & CEO

"Observe.AI's platform gives us full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and improve efficiency where it matters most."


Onboard faster, train remotely

Roll out training programs to remote teams quickly. Equip your agents to hit the ground running while giving timely feedback and coaching to improve across every interaction.

Streamline costs to improve your bottom line

Cut costs and reorganize staffing priorities. Reduce overhead spending by 62% and use newly freed resources to open new roles and up-skill employees.
Jen Lindburg
National Director Inbound Sales

“None of our previous contact center software solutions enabled us to look up refunds within seconds among thousands of calls like we do now with Observe.AI.”


Up-level your quality and client care teams

Empower your team leads with a faster auditing process across every interaction. Help client-facing teams minimize manual work, efficiently align stakeholders, and focus on the big picture.

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productivity soar with happy employees.