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Automate quality assurance and improve coaching with AI. Turn every agent into your best brand representative.
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Voice Intelligence for Enterprise Support

Our industry-first SpeechNLP™ platform provides new levels of visibility into Voice Customer Service. Leverage Voice AI to improve agent coaching & automate Quality Assurance.

Transform Voice Customer Service

Go beyond transcripts and traditional speech analytics with a Platform that's configured just for Voice Customer Service.

Store 100% of calls and immediately uncover key call drivers, such as why a customer was put on hold or what caused a Supervisor Escalation with little to no set-up.

Words, intent, sentiment, emotion, and silences can be mined and tied to what makes a good call or what triggers a poor customer experience. Build a complete call anatomy model and set performance benchmarks on Day One.

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Automate Quality Assurance

Observe.AI helps you identify the best calls to QA with no effort.

Filter calls by agent and streamline call scoring by identifying points of interest, such as openers, closers, and escalations, to provide in-the-moment coaching.

Intuitively screen calls for compliance phrases and redact sensitive phrases.

With Observe.AI you can monitor 100% of calls with higher accuracy and efficiency.

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Empower Your People

Observe.AI is an agent-first solution that enables targeted coaching and provides greater transparency around performance.

Real-time call analysis is pushed to a live feed so you can provide rich contextual feedback.

Coach agents in areas like quality assurance, customer happiness, resolution, and more so  every agent can be a top performer.

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Partnering with Industry Leaders


SpeechNLP™ is our proprietary technology that enables deep analysis of combined audio and text stream. The result is richer and more accurate signals, even in the most demanding call center environments.
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New-Age Speech Analytics Built for Customer Service

  • Quality Assurance and Compliance
  • 100% Automated Transcription and Redaction
  • Agent Coaching and Training
  • Agent Feedback and Engagement
  • Average Handling Times reduction
  • First Call Resolution improvement
  • Voice of the Customer
  • Sales Conversion Improvement

Hear what our customers have to say

"We are excited to leverage Observe.AI's Voice AI Platform to have full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and unlock new insights on customer care."
Marty Sarim
President & CEO, ERC
“With Observe we can quickly create the optimal customer-facing support team and deliver the highest level of service to our customers."
Dale Sturgill
VP Operations, Employbridge
"Voice AI is a huge opportunity for call center efficiency and improving the caller experience. I’m excited to bring the Observe.ai offering to Talkdesk customers."
Tiago Paiva
CEO, Talkdesk
"The team behind Observe.AI moves quickly to integrate our feedback so that we can pull more actionable insights to impact the bottom line."
Kenneth Shaw
CEO, Tawkify
Turn every agent into your best brand representative.
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