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The Leading Gen AI
Conversation Intelligence Platform for Contact Centers

Observe.AI combines conversation intelligence with AI-powered automation to help you understand your customers better, support agents and sellers in real-time and post-interaction, and boost customer satisfaction— all while reducing operating costs.

Transform conversation intelligence
into actionable impact

AI-powered automation for high-performing teams, on one Gen AI Conversation Intelligence Platform.

Real-Time AI

Drive continuous improvement for agents and sellers with real-time assistance, recommended actions and after-call automation.
  • Surface real-time alerts and prompts, based on customer needs and emotions.
  • Discover winning behaviors and replicate them with smart scripts.
  • Automate after-call work, with AI-generated call summaries.

Post-Interaction AI

Improve customer service quality and mitigate risk across the entire business with Auto QA and personalized agent coaching plans.
  • Automatically QA 100% of interactions to gain clarity, without errors and bias.
  • Deliver personalized agent coaching plans to improve performance, call quality and compliance.
  • Easily calibrate between QA teams, supervisors and the LLM.

Advanced Business Analytics

Tap into millions of customer conversations to surface critical business insights, trending topics and staffing decisions that drive revenue, customer engagement and operational efficiencies.
  • Use natural language prompts and dashboards to answer key business questions.
  • Leverage AI to transform complex data into actionable recommendations.
  • Privacy-first approach with PCI/PII redaction, complete audit trails and compliance monitoring.

Measurable results that impact your entire business


Lift in sales conversions


Improvement in compliance adherence


Customer sentiment improvement


Reduction in

Experience the difference
with Observe.AI

Enterprise scale and performance

From 50-50,000 agents, the Observe.AI platform operates with the speed, scalability, and latency needed to handle billions of daily transactions in the contact center. The platform integrates into your existing contact center tech stack, cloud or on-prem.

Industry-leading Contact Center LLM

Observe.AI LLM is built on industry-leading foundational models designed to elevate contact center operations. It accurately and securely analyzes interactions and provides insights to close the gap in revenue, retention, and business operations.

Customers also have the option to use their own LLM with Observe.AI’s AI-powered automation.

Customer-first approach

At Observe.AI, your success is our priority. Our dedicated Customer Success team is here to ensure that you get the most out of our AI-powered solutions. From implementation and onboarding to feedback and optimization, we partner with you to drive impactful results and achieve your business goals.

See results across leading enterprises

"Observe.AI is critical for improving compliance and empowering agents with data to improve their performance.”

"Observe.AI gives us insight into customer conversations so we can better optimize agent performance and improve our policyholder experience to boost revenue and customer experience, all while maintaining compliance standards."

“Observe.AI has enabled us to reduce compliance risk like never before and have full visibility into day-to-day operations.”

"Observe.AI allows us to optimize for an excellent member experience and provides usable data to grow the business."

“With Observe.AI, we gain a more intimate understanding of customer needs to proactively offer desired solutions.

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