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Taking the Guesswork Out of Quality Management
Kyle Kizer | Compliance Manager at Root Insurance Co.

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"Observe.AI's platform gives us full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and unlock new insights on customer care."
Marty Sarim
President & CEO, ERC
"Success for our team means bringing out the best in each agent. We’re able to do that by throwing out the one size fits all coaching approach and tailoring conversations on an individual basis."
Kyle Kizer
Compliance Manager,
Root Insurance
"Observe.AI is a full, interactive tool for us to find our shortcomings, discover what we’re doing well, determine what we need to put into place, and in the future do QA unlike any other call center.”
Dale Sturgill
VP Operations, Employbridge
"We've moved away from the term 'quality analysts' to 'customer experience coaches.' They're spending less time going through checkboxes, and more time interacting with agents."
Shurland Buchanan
Chief Learning Officer, itelbpo

Quality Assurance, In-Control

It’s never been easier to quality check every call

Create scorecards and completely automate some parts of the quality assurance process.

Immediately flag compliance violations and redact sensitive information from transcripts.

image of transcript and call evaluation

Drill down on important interactions

Dig into important interactions like openers, closers and supervisor escalations. Use filters, tags and keywords to search within conversations.

image of call player with highlighted moments
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Next-level Agent Coaching

Replicate what top agents do best

Access an agent leaderboard to uncover what top performing agents do best in areas like hold time, dead air, customer sentiment, and more.

image of agent leaderboard

Run targeted coaching sessions

Prep for coaching sessions in minutes with agent performance reports that suggest topics to address. Leave comments, assign next steps, and track progress over time.

image of coach feedback for an agent
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A Solution You Can’t Refuse

Visualize performance

Access charts and graphs that bring agent performance to life, including which trainers and coaching topics drive changes in behavior.

image of multiple charts of contact center performance

The fastest way to go live

Integrate Observe.AI with your existing contact center software. Go live in just two weeks with a dedicated on-boarding manager and Customer Success team who provide ongoing training.

Alex Lustig
Pre Sales
Christian Wathne
Sales Engineering
Lisa Chong
Adrian Valenzuela
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Results You Can See with Observe.AI

more feedback to agents
increase in CSAT scores
decrease in agent training time

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