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Hundreds of top brands have already transformed their contact centers with Observe.AI. Now it’s your turn.

Our solution architect will walk you through the Observe.AI platform, and in minutes, you’ll see how contact center AI improves customer experience and elevates agent performance.

Here's what you can expect:
  • Analyze 100% of calls and surface the most important calls and interactions for review and action.
  • Evaluate calls 5x faster, spending less time scoring calls and more time improving agents in a data-driven way.
  • Coach agents and turn them into top performers, identiftying opportunities to boost agent morale, improve productivity, and level-up soft skills.
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"Observe.AI brings a dedicated team and process. We do not feel like they are a vendor, but a true partner that is aligned with our goals and needs."
Jessica Walker, Care Sherpa, Cofounder and CEO
"It's an innovative contact center AI tool that is revolutionizing how calls are examined, graded, and coached."
Melquin Troncoso, Global QA Director, ERC
"Observe.AI provides several enhancements and tools that most speech analytic systems do not have the capabilities to provide. A one stop shop for everything needed for quality and operations needs."
Susana Belfield, QA Enterprise Director, ACT
"We can filter through thousands of calls, pinpoint pain points, analyze customer feedback, and act with urgency to improve our user experience."
Kyle Kizer, Compliance Manager, Root Insurance
"Observe.AI is a full, interactive tool for us to find our shortcomings, discover what we’re doing well, determine what we need to put into place, and in the future do QA unlike any other call center."
Dale Sturgill, VP Operations, Employbridge
"We've moved away from the term 'quality analysts' to 'customer experience coaches.' They're spending less time going through checkboxes, and more time interacting with agents."
Shurland Buchanan, Chief Learning Officer, itelbpo