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Customer Service

Retain happy customers
with stellar experiences

Analyze every customer conversation to scale high-quality, consistent experiences, and optimize agent performance to improve your processes, services and offerings.
Surface opportunities to meet customer needs with 100% visibility into interactions.
Identify unhappy customers with sentiment detection to resolve issues proactively.
Drive agent behavioral change with data-driven coaching and feedback loops.

Gain intelligence on your customer experience

Leverage contextual insights from 100% of your customer-agent interactions to understand where you exceed customer expectations, and where to improve.
Tammi Zelm
VP of CX

“With Observe.AI, we gain a more intimate understanding of what is important to our customers so we can be proactive in offering the desired support and solutions.”


Don’t leave customer needs to chance

Conduct root cause analysis to understand call drivers. Leverage the power of Moments to discover ways to better meet customer needs and align with CX best practices.

EmployBridge identified an issue that was keeping them from serving 2,000 job candidates a week.
Ken Cohen
VP of Business Development & Consumer Sales

“The power of the platform is limited to the individual user’s imagination. It truly forces you to rethink what is possible.”

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Reduce customer frustration with sentiment analysis

Get in front of a bad customer experience by surfacing negative sentiment on calls, and quickly find the source of pain to resolve issues proactively.
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Robert Goldstein
Chief Operations Officer

"Observe.AI has allowed us to shine a light in an area of a call in order to address the related agent behavior quickly.”


Coach agents to improve CX behaviors

Automatically see if agents are adhering to brand standards or employing best practices. Customize your evaluation process while delivering personalized coaching at scale to drive behavioral change.

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