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Industry-first Contact Center Large Language Model (LLM)

Observe.AI's Contact Center LLM is built on industry-leading foundational models. It is known for its accuracy, performance, and data privacy.
Trusted by 350+ enterprises across the globe
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Contact center LLM foundational models are wrapped in supervisory layers and fine-tuned with contact center data to deliver the most accurate results.

Enterprise-grade privacy practices and standards, ensure your data always stays secure.

Human controls, customer-specific instruction and feedback loops minimize hallucinations, compared to black box LLMs.

Transform your contact center with a purpose built LLM

Contact centers require a Large Language Model (LLM) that can adapt to their data nuances, enabling better comprehension of customer-agent interactions, accurate identification of key actions and events, and the development of contextual understanding.

Leverage applications
built over a strong foundational model

Elevate contact center capabilities with our tailored LLMs built over 6 years with 40 billion parameter so you can:
  • Reduce average handle time with immediate knowledge base answers
  • Automate the call summary in your preferred format, accurately
  • Improve agent performance with quick snippet coaching on the spot

Enhancing control and accuracy for your business

Our LLM is 35% more accurate than GPT3.5 and 20% more accurate than GPT4-Turbo (based on evaluation by human annotators). Get more control over the model, as well as a human-centric feedback loop to continuously improve the model and fine-tune it to the needs of your business.

Unleashing growth through continuous innovation

We are continuously investing in our 40 billion-parameter strong Contact Center LLM. Our mission is to build ROI-driven applications powered by our ever-growing LLM to continue innovating across Real-Time AI, Post-Interaction AI, and advanced Business Analytics applications.

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