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Emtek delivers 4x more performance feedback, driving a better EX for customer care teams

Emtek needed to better understand its agent experience and make data-driven decisions that improved customer care.

of calls monitored and analyzed
more feedback per agent per month
improvement in QA efficiency


Prior to Observe.AI, Emtek’s call auditing process was slow and tedious, thus limiting its QA team’s ability to get timely feedback to agents. In order to evaluate a call, the process consisted of going to the call recorder base, selecting a random call, and manually reviewing that call, which took at least twenty minutes.

When the team went fully remote as a result of COVID, Emtek realized that although their 80-person support team was well-equipped with at-home infrastructure, there was a lack of visibility into how agents were doing remotely, leaving their customer service teams in the dark. Emtek needed a way to better understand its Voice of the Customer (VoC) experience and improve agent performance.


When Emtek first adopted Observe.AI, the primary focus of the platform was to determine call drivers, understand unmet needs, and gain visibility into the conversations that were taking place.

Once the tool was implemented, however, Emtek started to uncover areas of improvement that they hadn’t considered before, such as which agents needed more coaching, and what top performers were doing to deliver an exceptional customer experience on calls. 

Emtek was able to use Observe.AI to provide a better agent experience, particularly during the abrupt transition to remote work

“The tool has been instrumental in quickly being able to do an agent evaluation of a call.  Observe.AI takes 100% of our call recordings, translates them to text, and hones into key areas of each call for auditing and quality of customer interaction.”
—Tammi Zelm, VP of Customer Experience, Emtek ASSA ABLOY

Streamlined call reviews

Observe.AI enabled Emtek to move away from manually listening to calls to do things like understand the rationale behind product returns and whether returns were due to a service error, or a change in customer preference.

With the platform, Emtek’s supervisors can now quickly read a transcript while listening along to an audio recording in one view, allowing for a quicker way to audit calls and evaluate agents. They can then coach agents on how to better handle topics like reimbursing returns or whether to charge a restocking fee in that particular customer scenario. 

Better evaluations & audits

Before Observe.AI, there were no quality auditors in place on the Emtek customer service team. Customer service supervisors and leads were responsible for auditing their associates with a word document that was emailed to agents along with the audio recording of their call. This manual process made it difficult for agents to understand the feedback they were getting and how to rapidly improve. What previously took supervisors 20 minutes to complete now can be done in 5-7 minutes.

With Observe.AI, an audit can be done right in the platform using the built-in AI-driven evaluation forms feature. The Observe.AI dashboard highlights the big picture on how many audits have been done, who’s performing well consistently, and who needs more support to help supervisors adjust their coaching strategies accordingly.

Sentiment analysis for better empathy

The Observe.AI platform also unlocks tonality-based sentiment analysis, which can be used to determine whether or not an agent is displaying empathy on calls. With sentiment analysis, Emtek helps agents understand how to improve their soft skills, such as their tone, to up-skill the team.


Ultimately, with Observe.AI, Emtek reduced the amount of time it took to evaluate calls by more than 25% while delivering 4X more feedback to an agent each month. This was a significant win for both Emtek’s bottom line and its agents because it reduced costs while also providing agents with more personalized, timely coaching.

With a more streamlined agent evaluation and feedback process, Emtek’s customer service team is now better equipped to deliver more efficient and rich call audits, boosting the employee experience (EX) and customer experience (CX) for the better.

ASSA ABLOY’s Emtek division is the global leader in door opening solutions, dedicated to satisfying end-user needs for security, safety, and convenience.
With no QA team in place, Emtek needed to find a better way to coach agents on how to better understand customer needs and improve its caliber of customer service.
With the Observe.AI platform, Emtek was able to improve agent coaching and enable agents to better understand performance scores with data-driven feedback.
Stockholm, Sweden
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