YourMechanic Drives 6x increase in bookings & improves agent empathy scores by 32%

Optimized performance management, enhanced agent coaching, and deeper business insights allow this auto maintenance start-up to shine as a disruptor.

increase in conversation courtesy scores, driving revenue.
increase in bookings, driven by soft skills via adaptive learning programs.
climb in average agent empathy scores, the result of enhanced agent coaching programs.

YourMechanic, a mobile car repair and maintenance services startup, operates in 700 cities across 50+ major metro areas in the U.S.


Drive more customer bookings, conversions, and improving the overall customer experience. More specifically, goals included:

  • Better understand the customer experience by analyzing 100% of calls.
  • Minimize time to evaluate calls yielding more evaluations per agent per month.
  • Monitor key interactions, points of interest from 100% of calls to tailor more impactful coaching sessions.
  • Identify the interactions that lead to conversions.
  • Collect broad business insights to make business decisions.


While the startup recorded every call, YourMechanic were only actually able to monitor 1-2% prior to using Observe.AI. That’s because Observe.AI uses its speech-to-text engine to transcribe 100% of a businesses’ calls with the best possible accuracy available.

Once the call is accurately transcribed, quality analysts can monitor business-specific keywords across every call and use machine learning to automatically surface the most meaningful interactions, such as compliance and process gaps or coaching opportunities. 

The result is that the dark data that went unleveraged previously is now available to help the whole team stay closer to customers and better understand the “why” behind a need to drive behavior changes on calls. 

Performance Management

YourMechanic’s most impactful interactions revolve around three core metrics: successful bookings, identifying zip codes they cannot serve, and determining jobs that cannot be performed to expand the business. 

With successful bookings directly leading to revenue, Your Mechanic can understand what interactions lead to positive outcomes, determine how they can adjust scripting, and improve conversion rates for their client. 

And by extracting important business insights, most importantly zip codes and jobs that people were requesting that could not yet be served, the start-up's BPO can share that information with their client to develop future offerings or expand to new cities.

Elevating Agent Performance with Better Coaching

YourMechanic knows that providing a great customer experience goes hand-in-hand with driving conversions. So better elevating agent performance with tailored training for individual agents is key to delivering that CX.

Using Observe.AI, the BPO is able to gauge the usage of empathy statements and courtesy words on 100% of voice calls. From there, they can identify agents in need of coaching, and focus on improving baseline numbers, in this case, conversions.

Results and What’s Next

Analyzing every call, optimizing performance management, and enhancing agent coaching has driven strong KPI improvements. This includes the following in just 3MO:

  • A 32% climb in average agent empathy scores, the result of enhanced agent coaching programs.
  • 4x increase in bookings, driven by soft skills via adaptive learning programs.
  • 6x increase in conversation courtesy scores, driving revenue.

The partnership with YourMechanic will continue to find new ways to utilize Observe.AI to better monitor and improve critical KPIs, like optimizing agent evaluations, creating new moments to uncover business drivers, and deliver better customer experiences for callers.

YourMechanic provides mobile car repair and maintenance services to car owners at their location.
With a rapidly growing business, the startup was looking to gain better coaching insights, mitigate gaps in agent soft skills, and identify new growth opportunities.
Use Observe.AI to analyze 100% of voice calls, optimize their performance management, and enhance agent coaching with tailored training programs.
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