Multinational edtech company improves AHT by 17%, improving DSAT drivers

With insights, augmented workflows and data-driven coaching programs, company boosts transparency, improves accountability, and helps agents deliver better customer service.

improvement on Dead Air
reduction in Hold Time Violation, resulting in more efficient customer service delivery
improvement on AHT with an integrated approach to Quality Management using Observe.AI and complementary IVR tools

The Story

A customer’s journey with customer service starts with the agent. But what happens when there are inefficient processes and no actionable insights on how they’re performing?

For a leading education and publishing company with eight contact center teams distributed across four different countries, a lack of visibility into how agents were interacting with customers was contributing to DSAT scores. The company needed a way to uncover these inefficiencies and improve performance with customer interaction insights that were data-driven, and most of all, actionable.


✅ Interpretation and action at scale

Sentiment analysis allows the company to analyze customer and agent interactions on a deeper level by automatically detecting negative or neutral interactions on calls.

✅ Better evaluations

In just 30 days, the company increased the number of agent evaluations completed each month by more than 200% to nearly 1,000. 

✅ Smart, targeted coaching

With Agent Performance Analytics, the company’s contact center teams identify outliers in performance, surface opportunities to celebrate great performance, and correct or clarify based on real data. 

A multinational education and publishing company provides online courses, eTexts, textbooks, learning platforms, rental books and much more to its thousands of customers worldwide.
Reviewing less than 1% of customer interactions, the company needed a way to reduce average handle time, increase efficiency, and improve how its contact center agents were performing remotely in response to a rising number of customer requests.
With Contact Center AI, the company analyzes 100% of interactions, using insights to augment workflows and execute data-driven coaching programs that boost transparency, improve accountability, and help agents deliver better customer service.
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