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Leading BPO ramps new hires 20% faster while driving an 87% improvement in efficiency

Deployed to thousands of agents, the company delivers better customer experiences with voice insights and next-generation coaching.

increase in QA efficiency
reduction in overhead costs
reduction in agent onboarding time

The Story

As an agile, technology-driven company that provides business process outsourcing (BPO) and account recovery services for Fortune 500 companies. the company leverages the latest innovations in technology to deliver unparalleled end-to-end customer experience solutions.

With offices spanning four continents and the best talent in the business, the company is dedicated to changing the BPO landscape through artificial intelligence and data analysis, and their commitment to creating a highly trained, empowered workforce.

They needed a powerful, speech analytics and workforce management platform that improved onboarding & ramp-up, drove better agent performance and offered business insights while reducing overhead costs in order to pave the way for digital transformation and an intelligent workforce.

The Solution

With Observe.AI, the company can uncover a wealth of customer care insights in 100% of voice calls, and in turn, create opportunities for tailored, relevant coaching for individual agents. Additionally, the platform uncovers inefficiencies and gives operations leaders the opportunity to improve them.

Utilizing Observe.AI’s best-in-class transcription functionality, they are able to monitor 100% of customer calls. Within four weeks of going live, the reported an increase in 87% in QA efficiency. This meant that QA managers are no longer bogged down in manual quality checks, freeing up more time for strategic tasks, like focusing on digesting speech and customer analytics to understand customer sentiment and improve customer experience.

Proactive Compliance Monitoring

Data protection and privacy are increasingly important. With Observe.AI, ERC is able to improve its ability to encrypt and redact data, as well as limit the PII data it retains while accessing speech analytics. Through its program, they merge compliance and QA, creating a proactive, constantly evolving process for monitoring compliance gaps. 100% compliance coverage has helped ERC build its end client’s confidence.

“Observe.AI enables us to have full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and unlock new insights on customer care.”
- The Company's President & CEO

Tailored, Relevant Coaching for Every Agent

With detailed, all-encompassing reporting on every agent’s performance, ERC can create better training programs for agents to address gaps in performance and understand what top-performing agents do best. This enables QA managers to provide more prescriptive feedback by quickly accessing the most critical moments on calls and leaving in-line comments. Agents receive insights on areas like compliance violations, negative sentiment scenarios, dead air instances, and many more, providing individual agents greater transparency on performance.

"Innovation and empowering our agents with the latest technologies is critical to our mission to delight customers and attract top talent. We are excited to leverage Observe.AI's Contact Center AI platform to have full visibility into customer conversations so we can train agents faster and unlock new insights on customer care. I'm very impressed with the agility and accountability demonstrated by Observe.AI's team. This has been one of the most seamless integrations we've had in recent times." - The Company's, President & CEO

Looking Forward

The company has significantly improved customer experience, harnessing the benefits of comprehensive voice call analysis to deliver best-in-class agent coaching and training. Understanding performance and customer sentiment across the entire organization, down the individual agents, ERC is confident that their agents are their best brand representatives.

The company is an international business process (BPO) and full service, end-to-end provider for every aspect of the customer lifecycle, including debt collection.
With thousands of agents, they needed a way to improve call coverage and inefficient QA processes, transform their training program, and mitigate compliance risk.
The company has up-leveled their quality program with 100% visibility, targeted agent coaching, and proactive compliance monitoring.
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