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Professional training & coaching firm increases performance evaluations by 84%, driving conversions

With data-driven performance management, the Company improved employee onboarding and supercharged performance & coaching programs

increase in evaluations completed
cumulative improvement in performance score averages

The Story

For a professional training & coaching company, ensuring that its associates are delivering the best possible coaching services to future real estate agents and business leaders is a top priority. The Company needed a way to scale performance management so that its sales associates had the ability to get clear feedback, execute coaching plans, and foster a culture of continuous improvement.


✅ A Single Source of Truth. With data-backed validation, the Company established one source of truth for its sales associates to see how they were performing across key metrics, which fostered a culture of improvement. 

✅ Fueling Consistent Performance. With 100% of interactions analyzed, sales associates developed a better understanding of how to improve objection handling and customer rebuttals across every call. As a result, their entire sales team had a cumulative improvement of performance scores of 84% across a number of key metrics, boosting its ability to serve more clients and drive conversions.

✅ Higher Output of Performance Management. In four months, the Company was able to increase its monthly call evaluation count from 55 call evaluations to 205 call evaluations completed in just three months, increasing their monthly output by 73%.

One of the largest coaching and training companies in North America provides a unique and highly effective lead generation system for real estate agents, along with comprehensive business coaching and training programs.
Prior to Observe.AI, the Company didn’t have a quality assurance process; supervisors didn’t know which associates needed help with their scripts; and top performers weren’t being monitored, which made it difficult to extract best practices to share with the rest of the team.
With Contact Center AI, the Company’s client care team streamlined processes and implemented data-backed scorecards that improved employee onboarding and supercharged performance & coaching programs.
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