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Top Finserv Co. Increases QA Volume by 83% to Optimize Compliance and Agent Performance

With unprecedented QA automation, the Company improves agent behaviors to ensure compliance and CX

increase in QA volume
QA evaluation workflow speed
greater speech analytics accuracy within 30 days via Calibration process


Before working with Observe.AI, the company relied on spreadsheets and six-page QA evaluation forms to score and grade agent performance. On average, the company’s QA workforce could only grade 10% of agent interactions each month. 

Limited QA coverage meant the company didn't have clear insights into how agents were successfully pitching lending solutions to clients, making it impossible to replicate across their workforce. 

In addition, the company needed more compliance oversight as they increased agent headcount without growing QA analyst headcount. Scaling both service, revenue, and performance, while maintaining quality, compliance, and customer experience was a clear challenge.


The company turned to Observe.AI Auto QA, which uses the power of AI and machine learning to recommend QA evaluation form responses at scale. Automating the QA process freed up time for the company’s QA and supervisor teams to focus on measuring and improving agent performance on targeted use cases important to their business goals. 

The company can now easily track agent performance and identify its top three QA attributes across 100% of their calls: 

  • Monitoring agents for professionalism
  • Agent disclosure of mandated compliance statements 
  • Ensuring agents follow identity verification procedures 

In addition to automating the QA process, Observe.AI helped customers unify their conversation analytics, QA evaluation process, and coaching workflows under one platform, reducing more than four different applications to one, while cutting the time it takes to complete QA evaluations in half.  

"100% automation is a huge win for our agents, our QA team, and our entire organization to evaluate all our compliance moments with Auto QA." — QA Team Lead, Top Finserv Company 

Optimizing agent talk-tracks for revenue generation and close-rates 

The company’s agent teams are highly consultative, helping clients throughout the full process of loan procurement. Agents work with clients to sell loans, collect payments, and if needed, pursue collections. These multiple touchpoints provide opportunities for discovery and upsell on loan plans. 

Observe.AI’s Auto QA allowed the company to QA 100% of agent interactions, giving them visibility into performance across their entire workforce and identify top-performing agents. Next, the company mined the transcripts of those agents for insights into how they were getting the highest close rates, then used those learnings to coach the rest of the team. Ultimately, the key to driving more revenue came down to reworking agent scripts to include two key sentences for sales objections and rebuttals.

Gaining 100% confidence in compliance

As a financial lending institution, compliance is critical for regulatory purposes. With an expanding agent workforce, the company’s QA analysts were becoming increasingly overwhelmed. Auto QA gave them visibility into 100% of calls and could even customize and calibrate the machine to become more accurate over time.

Now Observe.AI’s automation works along side human QA talent to quickly and comprehensively screen for several key moments across every interaction: 

  • If a customer is notifying that they are filing for bankruptcy
  • To ensure customer agents are verifying the customer’s personal information
  • Instances of potential fraudulent claims
  • Verification agents are letting the customer know the call is being recorded

The company now has confidence every call is being screened for these key moments that are critical to staying in compliance — at scale.

The company used the Calibration process to control the level of accuracy you desire for automation.

Looking Ahead 

With every call, the company’s QA analytics grow more statistically significant, helping the organization gain even more actionable insights into agent performance and areas of opportunity. The organization is working toward automating the evaluation for even more compliance-related Moments with Auto QA. 

Culture is vital at the company and the company is leveraging Auto QA to build a “kudos” incentive program that highlights top-performing agents and reinforces positive behaviors, helping their entire agent workforce learn and improve along the way through positive recognition. 

A top financial services company provides portfolio management, lending solutions, asset retention and more, via proprietary underwriting and loan management technologies and systems.
With limited QA staff and scaling agent headcount, the company needed to ensure compliance and increase QA volume to drive optimal agent performance.
Automating the QA evaluation process helped the company increase QA volume, transforming and scaling its agent performance improvement strategy to improve compliance and increase revenue growth across the business.
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