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Leading Moving Company Grows Revenue by 74% with Conversation Intelligence and Targeted Coaching

With conversation intelligence, the company uses insights to identify growth opportunities and coach a world class sales team

increase in revenue
increase in sales talk track adoption
increase in First Call Resolution

For more than 35 years, the company – one of the largest independently owned and operated moving companies in North America – has provided local, long distance, and global relocation services to a variety of commercial, residential, and government clients. The company was experiencing rapid growth as a result of a spike in demand of moving services across the country. Leads had more than doubled, and the company needed a more efficient way to monitor performance and an optimized approach to how it coached its 30-person sales team, or moving consultants.

As part of their sales revamp program, the company sought a solution that helped them understand call drivers, reduce handle times, and improve how their moving consultants were meeting the needs of interested consumers and ultimately driving more business.


When the company first kicked off its sales revamp program, they had very inefficient customer service procedures and no quality program in place. In fact, at the onset, theyr had black PBX phones with no call routing in place (later solved for through a different vendor). There was no way to pinpoint who was calling in, what they were calling about, and whether or not they had called several times. This made it very difficult to quickly meet the needs of interested consumers. 

When the demand for moving services exploded, the company had to move quickly. With call volume at an all-time high, they needed full visibility into 100% of conversations in order to effectively coach their moving consultants with data and speed.

Solution & Results

Driving Revenue with Actionable Insights

Historically, sales at the company grew at a modest 10% y-o-y. Within two years of implementing Observe.AI, they hit an overall growth rate of 74% by uncovering a myriad of opportunities to improve offerings, service delivery, and overall moving consultant performance.

Extending well beyond the sales revamp project, the company increased both average revenue per sale and revenue per person across its sales teams. Observe.AI enabled them to have a data-driven way to not only improve how moving consultants delivered service, but also to identify opportunities to expand the services they offered.

Leveraging ‘Moments’ through the platform, contact center leaders discovered that consumers were calling in and asking about next-day moves in high numbers; in response, they rolled out next-day moves to meet that need. Moving consultants were required to offer Valuation as a Service and next-day moves in each call, which was verifiable through Observe.AI. With the platform, they sharpened their ability to identify unknown customer needs and help moving consultants better address them on calls. As an example, they started coaching agents to use specific talk tracks around safety protocols when they noticed that a large percentage of calls were from customers who worried about health and safety with long distance relocation services during the peak of COVID.

Within 30 days of uncovering these insights and taking immediate action, the company drove $1M in additional revenue, decreasing customer negative sentiment, and increasing trust with new customers.

They are now expanding the platform beyond sales to its client care team in order to take a more focused approach to improving its customer satisfaction (CSAT) metrics and improving retention of existing customers.

Consistent, Verifiable Sales Performance

With data from Observe.AI, the company also noticed that the moving consultants were more likely to close a deal when they provided a value statement prior to talking about pricing, which they began to automatically monitor with the platform. Moving consultants began to more consistently adopt scripts on how to run estimates including full packaging and valuation.

How were scripts more consistently adopted? The company improved its ability to enforce scripts through a feature offered through the Agent Performance & Coaching solution, which enables them to drill into how a single moving consultant is delivering service, as well as stack rank performance to uncover trends and coach on areas of opportunity for improvement. 

Supervisor escalations now amount to less than .25% of the total number of calls thanks to better coaching via Observe.AI.

“Armed with Observe.AI, we have been able to identify strengths and weaknesses of each of our move consultants and focus on the areas of opportunity to modify behaviors, so that our move consultants mirror the best of the best.” —the company's Senior Vice President of Business Development and Sales

Solving customer service gaps

With the platform, contact center leaders uncovered inefficiencies that were bogging down their sales teams. Without streamlined processes, they had long wait times that jeopardized new business by keeping callers on hold. They also found that the number of repeat callers was high as a result of manual call routing efforts.

Leadership addressed this by tracking instances of these issues via Moments, and created new processes that were enforced with Observe.AI. By enabling accountability and transparency across the sales team and resulting in a 52% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR).

Looking Ahead

The company started off with 12 inside sales team members on the Observe.AI platform. In the time since then, that number has grown to more than 100 team members in numerous departments including inside sales, outside sales, sales support, customer care, international sales, and operations.

They have reached record revenue increase, record profit, higher CSAT, and reduced time to resolve claims through an integrated approach to fueling CX excellence.

 “Having Observe.AI be an extra “set of eyes and ears” has been invaluable. It is an easy to implement tool which also allows you to create “Moments” within the blink of eye, driving sales up and customer issues down while ensuring a positive customer experience. The power of the platform is limited to the individual user’s imagination. It truly forces you to rethink what is possible.”

The company is one of the largest independent moving companies in North America. As a global leader in the relocation and logistics space, the company offers commercial, residential, and international moving services along with archive, technology and storage services.
As part of their sales revamp project, the company sought a solution that helped them understand call drivers, reduce handle times, and improve how their moving consultants were meeting the needs of interested consumers and ultimately driving more business.
Observe.AI enabled the company to have a data-driven way to not only improve how moving consultants delivered service, but also to identify opportunities to expand services and increase revenue.
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