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Call center agent evaluation form

A call center agent evaluation form is a pre-made template for evaluating a call, where a QA analyst fills out a form and scores how the agent performed on a wide variety of interactions throughout the call.
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Also known as QA evaluation forms, an agent evaluation form is a pre-made template for evaluating a call taking place in a contact center, often used in a quality management (QM) workflow. It scores the call on a wide variety of moments throughout the conversation from call openers and closers, to soft skills around empathy and professionalism, to compliance and process adherence.

Agent evaluation forms are a critical piece of the quality management process for call centers. They’re a key piece of driving great agent performance and in turn, a world-class customer experience.

This is an example of a contact center agent evaluation form. The form includes Yes/No questions, as well as comments for each question.

Challenges of agent evaluation forms

The current process is often tedious, complex, and chaotic. Agent evaluations are done on a random sampling of calls, with fewer than 1% of calls monitored.

The process is also spread across a ton of tools and services, and quality analysts are forced to juggle those various services, which in turn means not enough evaluations for completed per agent. In fact, in most cases, evaluations take 1.5x to 2x the length of the call.

On top of all that, it’s challenging to monitor the impact of evaluations, and know if the evaluations and coaching programs built around them are driving change across agent performance.

QA evaluation forms enable supervisors and quality analysts to cite specific time stamps of the interaction transcript side-by-side with their score.

Benefits of agent evaluation forms

Drives process adherence

Process adherence helps your contact center operations run smoothly, mitigates compliance risk, and reinforces agent behavior that contributes to your business goals.

“Joanne, it’s critical that we provide call recording disclosure at the beginning of the call - before the authentication takes place."

Educates on compliance

QA evaluation forms enable organizations to get proactive with compliance monitoring, immediately flagging compliance violations and addressing it with individual agents, backed by examples and context.

“Lenny, authentication is one of the most critical elements of the call. It ensures that we stay compliant, avoid hefty lawsuits and protect our customer’s financial information."

Reinforces winning behavior

Celebrate agent success with in-transcript comments and motivate agents to care about customer experience.

“Brian, great job with the call opening. This ensures we immediately acknowledge the customer’s concern and avoid sounding transactional."

Boosts agent morale

Feedback shouldn't always be around what the agent needs to improve. Recognizing positive customer interactions makes agents feel fulfilled and motivated to continue delivering a world-class CX.

“Marion, I am going to make you the poster child of quality customer service. It’s so refreshing to hear your calls.”