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Reporting & Analytics from Observe.AI

Reporting & Analytics from Observe.AI

How to turn conversation intelligence into actionable insights

Personalized healthcare benefits company Accolade serves millions of Americans and their families across a wide range of healthcare concerns and uses Observe.AI to enrich insights around member experience and improve frontline care team performance and service quality.

Knowing exactly what’s happening on the front lines of your contact center is critical—not only so you can understand how agents are performing but also so you can take action on it.

“Observe.AI Reporting & Analytics allows us to deepen our understanding of the member experience with greater precision,” says Tod Kehrli, Senior Director of Technology Services at Accolade, Inc. “With their timely and contextualized insights, we’re able to rapidly promote successful behaviors across our team, and ensure we’re delivering the highest-quality healthcare experience.”

The challenge with extracting contact center insights

If you’re a contact center leader in operations, customer experience, sales, or quality assurance, these questions (among many others) are likely top of mind:

  • Have there been recent shifts in customer sentiment?
  • How is team performance trending over time?
  • What types of issues negatively affect first-call resolution rates and sales conversion rates?

All of these answers to these questions live within agent/customer interactions, but they’re often inaccessible because:

  • Your conversation data is in silos
  • You are dependent on data teams for every report and KPI trend
  • You don’t have reliable technology to mine the data for meaningful insights
  • You rely on manual QA and coaching workflows to turn insights into action in a timely manner    

With Observe.AI Reporting & Analytics, you can easily investigate trends, test hypotheses, and understand what works and doesn't to improve CX, sales, marketing execution, product development, and more—all in easy-to-use dashboards, no developer or data analyst required.

“When it comes to activating contact center business intelligence, Observe.AI stands apart in two key areas, says Swapnil Jain, CEO and Co-Founder of Observe.AI. “First, the unparalleled accuracy and integrity of our interaction data, which represents a goldmine of customer experience insights. Second, we propel contact centers to apply this intelligence faster, with powerful automation to drive positive agent behavioral change at speed and scale.”

Reporting & Analytics from Observe.AI

Observe.AI’s Reporting & Analytics is built on our best-in-class conversation intelligence platform that captures interaction data and delivers insights based on AI-powered analyses of key moments. With a click of a button, inside the Observe.AI  platform, teams can answer critical questions about their business like:

  • What are the biggest drivers of CSAT and NPS?
  • How is customer sentiment trending over time?
  • What are the biggest compliance errors?
  • Which teams are driving the highest sales conversions?
  • Which factors contribute to Average Hold Time?

These insights can be easily accessed with out-of-the-box dashboards, in customized reports, and can be easily shared with key stakeholders across the organization. Best of all, findings are visualized in an easily digestible report format tailored specifically to the needs of every employee with the right context—and leading to the right action.  

In Observe.AI, your data doesn’t live in a silo. Contact center leaders can go directly from understanding what’s happening in the business to building out coaching programs. Then see how the coaching programs affected performance and compliance over time.

With Observe.AI, reporting doesn’t end with the report itself. It’s the beginning of a process to improve contact center performance.

Uncover customer insights to improve CX and retention

Leverage AI-powered reports to track customer complaints, sentiment, competitor/brand mentions, FAQs, etc., across 100% of your conversations. Use this intelligence to create targeted marketing campaigns, sales journeys, and customer experiences. One of our customers monitored incoming calls related to Roe vs. Wade overturn in order to understand customer sentiment and improve the patient experience.  

Understand sales performance to boost revenue

Sales leaders need to have a complete view of how sales conversations are going so they can build a plan to improve sales efficiency based on what’s working and what’s not.

In Observe.AI they can track conversion rates, top sales objections, rebuttals—and coach teams based on sales behaviors and script adherence. A financial services organization used a sales dashboard in Observe.AI to track rep-initiated refunds. They quickly found out that they had an uptick in refunds and coached the reps to have better guardrails for issuing refunds.

Measure team results to improve performance

Agent performance can vary by team, location, channel, product line, call category, or even talk time. Executives, team leads, and supervisors can identify critical areas for coaching, compare team or individual performance and understand who are the bottom-performing agents that need more support—so they can take the necessary action to boost results. Good behavior can also be easily tracked and rewarded by using dashboards in Observe.AI. One of our customers monitored positive customer sentiment on calls and used that data to reward agents and teams who handled those conversations.

Monitor process & compliance adherence to manage and control risk

Are your agents doing customer verification properly, stating Mini-Miranda rights, and following the correct hold procedure? Simple dashboards can give you a holistic view of how your contact center operates to ensure teams follow the right processes and compliance steps. You can identify areas of concern, understand where agents need more coaching, and track compliance over time to see if agents are improving.

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Harshit Jain
Product Marketing, Observe.AI
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August 23, 2022

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