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Hosted contact center

A hosted contact center is a cloud-based solution where all inbound, outbound, and voice-based self-service interactions happen off-site via the cloud.
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What is a hosted contact center?

A hosted call center is a cloud-based customer experience solution for handling all inbound, outbound, and voice-based self-service interactions. A hosted contact center provides an organization with all the resources needed to run their contact center operations with minimal on-site equipment required.

While on-premise contact centers are managed in-house, all cloud-based solution management, orchestration, and scale is handled by the hosted contact center provider.

How is a hosted contact center different from on-premise contact center?

  1. Rapid deployment: Since all hosted contact center solutions are on the cloud, there’s no need for on-site setup. The contact center receives dedicated software to start offering their customer experience solutions.
  2. Flexibility: Scaling up or down on a hosted contact center is incredibly easy as it doesn’t involve any modification of hardware; the contact center just has to renew their subscription plan.
  3. Budget benefits: With zero hardware costs, hosted contact centers can significantly reduce monetary savings.
  4. Simple maintenance: With everything hosted on remote servers, software fixes and hardware upgrades occur behind the scenes, and also decreases the involvement of IT teams.