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Observe.AI launches Out-of-the-box Moments

Observe.AI launches Out-of-the-box Moments

Run your contact center operation faster and more accurately with predefined machine learning-powered moments

The future continues to be uncertain—and it’s no different for contact centers. According to our survey of 300+ contact center leaders, 48% felt unprepared for the future. 

What was the common thread among those that did feel prepared?

According to the report, those using conversation intelligence were 10x more likely to feel prepared than those without conversation intelligence.


It all starts with transparency. When contact center leaders have the visibility they need to make business decisions, provide targeted coaching, and better understand what’s happening on their front lines, they feel more prepared.

At Observe.AI our conversation intelligence platform is built on “Moments” that help you digest and distill your raw conversation data by identifying and tracking the key instances that are meaningful to your business.

Moments can be used to track things like:

  • Did the agent properly greet the customer?
  • Did the agent personalize the conversation?
  • Did the agent use advocacy language?

Think of "Moments" as the basic building blocks of Conversation Intelligence for your contact center. These moments help you figure out what happens in your customer conversations. 

In simple words, moments show you what's happening in your customer conversations. When you put them together in a systematic way, they help you see where you need to focus your time, choose which calls to listen to, and guide your agents to improve performance.

Top 3 reasons Moments are important for contact centers

Moments can help uncover what makes or breaks CX & sales. You can then work on doing more of the things that make customers happy and bring in more sales, while also avoiding the things that might not be working so well.

Here’s why moments are important for contact centers: 

Surface key moments from interactions

Pinpoint and monitor the most crucial information for your business. Once aligned, it's like a compass guiding decisions. These insights drive smart choices, shaping a path to success, much like a navigator adjusting a ship's course.

Organize and categorize your interactions 

Efficiently structure and classify your contact center conversations for easy access. This systematic arrangement ensures quick retrieval of relevant information, optimizing your workflow and customer service.

Uncover multiple aspects of conversations 

Evaluate how agents behave, monitor if they follow best practices, reveal feedback about products, grasp reasons for customer dissatisfaction, and identify obstacles affecting sales conversion. It's like peeling layers to reveal insights vital for improvement.

Introducing Out-of-the-box moments from Observe.AI

As you can see moments are critical for contact centers and now we’re making them even more powerful and easy to use with Out-of-the-box Moments which are pre-defined, ML-powered blocks that enable users to build their moments faster. With out-of-the-box moments associated with KPIs like agent behavior, agent performance etc, Contact center leaders can realize the value of conversation intelligence faster. 

AI Powered Recommendations

By leveraging AI to provide intelligent suggestions based on the user's input, AI powered recommendations speeds the moment-building process by allowing Observe.AI II to generate AI-powered variations and suggestions based off of your call data. 


Out-of-the-box Moments

Get up and running faster and more accurately with pre-defined ML-powered out-of-the-box Moments.

Key Benefits of Out-of-the-box-moments

  • Out-of-the-box moment recommendations significantly reduce the time spent searching for specific predefined moments
  • With our intuitive user interface, all moments become easily discoverable, making it easier to explore new insights.
  • Make more informed decisions based on a clearer understanding of the available moments

Observe.AI's Out-of-the-box Moments significantly reduces the time and effort to configure a moment whether it is associated with compliance or agent performance. By providing a predefined library of moments, we are committed to ensuring contact center leaders can realize the value of conversation intelligence faster.

We’d love to hear from you and share how Moments can make an impact in your contact center. See a demo today.

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Arvind Rangarajan
Director, Product Marketing
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September 7, 2023

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