EmployBridge improves QA efficiency by 86% while uncovering business insights

With 100% call coverage and tailored coaching, EmployBridge lands more American workers jobs.

increase in QA efficiency
estimated additional workers each week land new jobs
more feedback on calls (up from just 2-4 calls/month prior)

EmployBridge’s mission is to deliver a stronger workforce in areas like manufacturing, logistics, transportation, and more. Placing 400,000 associates annually to 12,000+ companies, EmployBridge’s success hinges on the quality of conversations its coordinators have with candidates and their ability to remain productive. So gaining insight into their 4 million yearly voice calls, and providing higher-quality feedback and tailored coaching programs is mission-critical. 

At the core of that transformation is the combination of speech analytics and next-generation quality management. This delivers 100% call coverage and deep candidate experience insights.


EmployBridge set out to solve three distinct challenges in building their agent-driven quality program. In doing so, their program fosters better coordinators, while also providing a deeper understanding of strengths and shortcomings across the organization.

Make QA More Transparent and Efficient

Analysts were only reviewing just 2-4 calls per agent per month, using subjective scoring and lengthy, multipage QA forms. EmployBridge wanted to provide higher quality feedback for agents and score calls in a more efficient, objective way.

Uncover Crucial Interactions

Voice support contains hidden inefficiencies that hurt organization goals; in EmployBridge’s case, placing workers in jobs. Analyzing tens of thousands of calls per month, EmployBridge wanted to extract insights at scale to better understand areas of improvement and create better coaching programs. 

Train Agents with Urgency

With a high volume of calls and large number of agents, training velocity is a key piece of highly efficient contact centers. The wealth of insights and analysis provided by contact center AI, EmployBridge wanted to train the right people on the right topics as quickly as possible.

“For me, the best-in-class call center is one that is not run from the top down. It is interactive, at the agent level, driven call center. The agents are your best place to find what you’re doing well and what you’re not.”
- Dale Sturgill, Vice President of Call Center Operation, EmployBridge
Solution & Results
From Spreadsheets and Checkboxes to Platform

Through contact center AI, EmployBridge quality checks 10x more voice calls, covering hundreds of calls per coordinator per year. This solves the problem of subjective QA processes and creates more accurate insights per agent and across the entire organization. Additionally, it frees up analyst bandwidth to focus on more strategic tasks.

More Tailored and Relevant Coaching

With a wealth of performance insights and analysis, EmployBridge created the foundation for building a more relevant, more targeted coaching program for their coordinators. This includes identifying negative customer interactions - supervisor escalations, negative sentiment, compliance breaches - and being able to address them with training tailored to individual coordinators.

Turning Inefficiencies Into Value

A simple inefficiency can have a huge impact on a business. Using Observe.AI’s unsupervised insights, EmployBridge discovered that “calendar full” was referenced on 30% of calls. Looking at it closer, they realized that they were missing out on opportunities to interview nearly 2,000 more candidates each week due to inefficiencies in staffing and calendaring. EmployBridge then took that insight to senior leadership who fixed the problem and are now eager to do more with voice insights in the future.

“As contact center people, we tend to do what we’ve always done. But what’s exciting about contact center AI is that we can change the way we’re coaching and re-write our quality cards. We can move away from check-boxes and focus on real skill development. Using voice analytics helps us change behavior faster.”
- Dale Sturgill, Vice President of Call Center Operations, EmployBridge

Looking Forward

EmployBridge is reimaging what a contact center of the future should look like. By using AI-based technologies to better understand agent and organizational performance, EmployBridge is creating new training programs, and turning agents into their best possible brand representatives.

“With Observe we can look at where we can reduce average handle time, where can we create efficiencies, where can we add things to our process that may not exist. It’s a full, interactive tool for us to find our shortcomings, what we’re doing well, what we need to put into place, and in the future doing QA unlike any other call center.”
- Dale Sturgill, Vice President of Call Center Operations, EmployBridge
EmployBridge is the nation’s largest industrial staffing firm, with eight staffing brands and 400 branch offices.
EmployBridge needed a way to analyze the 4 million voice conversations they coordinators have per year and use those insights to enhance agent performance and deliver a world-class customer experience.
With Observe.AI, EmployBridge completely transformed its quality and coaching process by providing higher-quality feedback to agents.
Atlanta, GA
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