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Employbridge Disrupts the Staffing Industry with Voice AI

Pete Lee
November 7, 2019

Employbridge is leading the way when it comes to helping workers in industries like manufacturing, logistics, and transportation land jobs. It’s success hinges on the quality of the 4 million conversations coordinators lead with candidates each year, as well as their ability to remain productive. For Employbridge, Voice AI provides a unique opportunity to completely transform its quality and coaching process by providing higher-quality feedback to agents. We sat down with VP of Operations Dale Sturgill to learn more about how his team uses AI for coaching.

But first, the results (2 months):

  • Reduced QA staff from 12 to 6 and repurposed half its staff in new strategic roles
  • Provided coordinators with feedback across 10x more calls (up from just 2-4 calls/month prior)
  • Drove $18,759 in additional revenue per week by using voice insights to increase efficiencies - $864k each year!
  • Helped 1,875 additional workers each week land new jobs

Transforming Coaching

For Employbridge, the initial benefit of Voice AI was that it allowed them to quality check 10x more calls through sentiment and word search within transcripts to provide more contextual coaching to agents. That means they now QA hundreds of calls per person each year. 

At the same time, because their QA managers are able to work more productively, Employbridge has reduced its QA staff by 50%, moving six of its twelve team members into new strategic roles. 

“As call center people we tend to do what we’ve always done. But what’s exciting about Voice AI is that we can change the way we’re coaching and re-write our quality cards. We can move away from check-boxes and focus on real skill development. Using voice analytics helps us change behavior faster.” - Dale Sturgill, VP of Operations at Employbridge

For example, rather than forcing coordinators to adhere strictly to a script, Employbridge is looking to empower them and instead better understand how coordinators show up on calls. 

“For instance, rather than asking “Did the coordinator say or do X?” we are making the coaching more substantial by asking questions like “Was the information the coordinator provided accurate?” Or, “Did they show up with enthusiasm when they entered and exited the call?” By tracking how often words and phrases like “Awesome” or “Glad you called!” come up in transcripts, we are able to more objectively answer these questions with data.”

Wild Productivity with Voice Insights

Employbridge also used Observe.AI voice insights to uncover gaps in its processes and improve them. In fact, a single voice insight led to $18k in additional revenue generated and an estimated 1,875 more workers placed in jobs each week. That’s around $864k per year in annual revenue.

How did they do it? 

Through Observe.AI’s unsupervised insights, Employbridge discovered that “calendar full” came up on 30% of calls. When they dug deeper, they realized that they were missing out on opportunities to interview nearly 2,000 more candidates each week due to inefficiencies in staffing and calendaring. They took the insight to senior leadership who fixed the problem and are now eager to do more with voice insights in the future.

“We’re really just peeling back the first layer of the onion with this stuff. Voice AI is not just going to impact call centers, but people’s entire business if you use it the right way.”

About Employbridge
With more than eight staffing brands and 400 branch offices, Employbridge is the nation’s largest industrial staffing firm. Through brands like ResourceMFG, ProLogistix, Select, ProDrivers, RemX, Remedy and Westaff, Employbridge brings unmatched industry expertise to its customers. With its specialized staffing delivery model, Employbridge also provides customers with temporary associates in manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, contact centers and more.

About Observe.AI

Observe.AI is the #1 Voice AI Platform for Enterprise Support. With Observe.AI’s proprietary SpeechNLP top contact centers transcribe 100% of their care calls with AI. This enables you to automate quality checks, scale targeted coaching, and gather voice insights. Observe.AI is trusted by more than 80 global customers and partners, including Concentrix, Talkdesk, Mitel, Microsoft, Sysco, and many other large enterprises. Backed by Nexus Venture Partners, Y Combinator and Emergent Ventures, Observe.AI’s headquarters is located in San Francisco with an office in Bangalore. For more information, visit www.observe.ai.

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