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What the ScopeAI acquisition means for our new omnichannel product offering

What the ScopeAI acquisition means for our new omnichannel product offering

ScopeAI brings text-based analytics capabilities to the Observe.AI platform, accelerating our entry into omnichannel.

We’re excited to share that ScopeAI has joined Observe.AI!

ScopeAI’s foundational technology and integrations will power the text-based analytic capabilities behind ObserveAI’s new Omnichannel product offering. We are beyond excited about what this acquisition means for our mission to empower CX leaders to make actionable, informed decisions with data.

We’ve known the power of analyzing customer conversations from the beginning, finding valuable insights in the mass amount of chats, emails, SMS, and social media messages that companies get everyday meant bringing awareness to the voice of the customer. We had a vision that we could use AI to help companies take action on their most important issues to run better companies with happier customers.

Over the years we’ve realized the first step of actualizing this vision was empowering companies’ first line of communication to customers: their support teams. ScopeAI partnered with support teams all over the world to track their most common issues coming in through channels like web chat, email or social media. Together we came up with coaching and automation strategies to respond to these requests at scale.

When we first connected with Swapnil, we learned that Observe.AI leveraged similar AI and NLP technologies and had helped hundreds of companies by analyzing customer support calls and surfacing insights that improved agent performance. We immediately found a synergy between our platforms and realized we could join forces to enhance customer experience outcomes across both voice and text channels.

We are so thrilled to join forces with Observe.AI to expand their Conversation Intelligence, Quality Management, and Agent Performance & Coaching capabilities beyond voice and into text-based digital channels like web chat and email.

We want to express gratitude to the entire ScopeAI community — to our customers that stuck through every iteration, our supportive investors and of course our incredible team that brought a stretching vision to life. We’re excited to have you all part of the next leg of the journey! 🚀

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Natalie Abeysena
Product Manager, Observe.AI
LinkedIn profile
September 3, 2021

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