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Introducing Agent Performance & Coaching

Get 100% visibility into agent performance to make actionable, informed coaching decisions.

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Scale Agent Performance with Automation

Unleash every agent’s potential. Increase touch points with your agents with the power Contact Center AI.
100% Visibility
into Agent Performance
Targeted Coaching Recommendations
Higher Transparency & Accountability
Scalable Performance Management
Centralized Coaching Documentation
High-performing and Engaged Teams


Make Data-Driven Coaching Decisions

Automatically identify top and bottom performers to prioritize coaching for agents that need help the fastest.

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Turn Managers Into Mentors

Leverage AI to track performance trends across QA Evaluations. Know exactly which skills and behaviors to coach agents on. Deliver targeted coaching.

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“Observe.AI shows us how to reduce handle time, create efficiencies, and elevate agent performance. The 100% visibility into transcription and the customer interactions is phenomenal."
Dale Sturgill, VP of Operations, EmployBridge
“I love Observe.AI's coaching interface, being able to see the feedback notes, and viewing other opportunities for coaching all in one place.”
Laura Diaz, Callzilla
“Observe.AI has been instrumental in speeding up our call evaluation process because it automatically transcribes 100% of calls, and hones into key moments.”
Tammi Zelm, VP of Customer Experience, Emtek Assa Abloy
“Before Observe.AI, our QAs would have to review week by week each individual instance to then manually pull trends for coaching. Now, we can get a snapshot of agent performance and see how it has improved over time.”
Nairuby Mata, Callzilla


Measure What Matters

Automatically connect coaching conversations to Operational KPIs. Boost consistency and transparency in agent feedback.

Tag coaching conversations to business and quality metrics.
Connect feedback to specific interactions and show what went well & what didn’t.
Document what agents have committed to improve. Follow-up on progress.


Unify Agent Coaching Data

Have all your coaching notes in one place. Track coaching cadence and efficiency.

Don’t Leave Your CX To Chance