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Observe.AI and ScopeAI join forces to deliver omnichannel conversation intelligence

Observe.AI and ScopeAI join forces to deliver omnichannel conversation intelligence

Accelerating our entry in omnichannel, we're excited to announce our acquisition of ScopeAI, expanding to a full suite of voice and text-based conversation intelligence offerings.

At Observe.AI, we pride ourselves on being a trusted partner to CX leaders as they connect customers to their business by providing world-class customer experiences through agent interactions. 

In the last two years, we’ve seen CX teams expand and evolve as contact center employees transitioned to remote work and demand for customer service increased. It turns out that it took a global pandemic to cement the digital transformation of the contact center. More contact center software and services have migrated to the cloud, unlocking endless potential for innovation and technology disruption among legacy systems, tools, and processes.

Digital transformation needs to resolve around the customer experience

If the pandemic has taught us one thing, it was that in today’s hybrid remote work world, you can’t win without an omnichannel CX strategy. Over the last year, we witnessed brands respond to evolving customer needs with digital-first customer experiences. 

Agile, innovation-forward businesses have leaned into digital customer experience and integrated channels like web chat and email into their CX suite to help combat surging call volumes and long wait times. Forrester reports indicate web chats are 17-30% cheaper than a phone call thanks to faster resolution times. And when a brand solves customer problems quickly, its customers are 7X more likely to stay and 8X more likely to spend more with the brand. 

These trends echo something we have known for a long time. Today’s customers want to communicate in channels of their choice. Web Chat and Email are gaining popularity as support and sales channels because they are instant, accessible, and convenient for customers. 

Accelerating our omnichannel product vision

To accelerate our entry into this new and exciting space, I’m excited to announce Observe.AI’s acquisition of ScopeAI. You can read the full press release here

For the last few months, we’ve been working in stealth mode with ScopeAI to integrate their best product features and integrations into the Observe.AI platform. 

Beginning in Fall 2021, Observe.AI’s omnichannel product offerings will expand to a full suite of voice and text-based conversation intelligence offerings that include purpose-built workflows for Quality Assurance and Agent Performance & Coaching. These capabilities will help teams increase revenue generation, operational efficiency, and customer satisfaction while breaking down silos that have previously prevented voice and digital teams from working together.

Observe.AI's omnichannel product line development will be led by ScopeAI Co-Founder and CEO Natalie Abeysena, while ScopeAI Co-Founder and CTO Luciano Arango stays on as a technical advisor. Natalie and Luciano bring unique expertise in leading agile, data-centric products to market and we welcome them to the Observe.AI family with open arms.

“We are thrilled to be joining forces with the Observe.AI team. Like ScopeAI, Observe has a passion for empowering CX leaders with data to make actionable, informed decisions,” says Natalie Abeysena, Co-Founder & CEO of ScopeAI. “Our shared values, rooted in customer experience and analytics, will open up new ways for Contact Centers to leverage AI to drive revenue and efficiency."

For our customers, stay tuned for the future availability of Contact Center AI for omnichannel, starting with Web Chat in Fall 2021. We’re excited to get this product in your hands soon.

And be the first to know about new our Fall 2021 Omnichannel product offerings. Sign up for product updates here:

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Swapnil Jain
Co-Founder and CEO, Observe.AI
LinkedIn profile
August 31, 2021

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