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Introducing Agent Performance & Coaching workflows

Introducing Agent Performance & Coaching workflows

Today, we are thrilled to announce our new suite of AI-powered Agent Performance & Coaching solutions for the contact center, empowering you to streamline QA and coaching workflows in just a few clicks to offer and measure highly impactful coaching programs.‍

Meet your new destination for automated contact center insights.

At Observe.AI, our goal is to create a world where business and customer interactions are seamless. Every time a contact center agent interacts with a customer via phone or chat there’s an opportunity to create magical moments and drive customer loyalty. 

Today, we're thrilled to announce our new suite of AI-powered Agent Performance & Coaching solutions for the contact center.

With our new solution, contact center leaders from operators, supervisors, quality analysts down to the agents themselves can get automated, real-time insights on performance. Then, they can streamline quality assurance and coaching workflows in just a few clicks to offer and measure highly impactful coaching programs.

Why is agent performance and coaching so important?

In 2020, the entire world went remote. Suddenly, the ways in which customers could interact with brands shrunk due to the shift online from brick and mortar locations. The importance of voice and online customer interactions skyrocketed. In this new remote-work world, contact center agents have become the frontline of customer experience. 

Today, too many customer experience teams are still looking at impartial agent performance data to make important business decisions. Reports indicate that some contact centers can only evaluate 5-8% of customer-agent interactions for quality assurance, compliance, and coaching using legacy tools.

Observe.AI uses the power of AI and automation to give you 100% visibility into agent performance data so you can make immediate, informed coaching decisions. 

The launch of our new Agent Performance & Coaching product suite is another step toward our vision of creating seamless, automated workflows for the contact center. No more siloed tools to measure things like speech analytics, interaction analytics, customer sentiment, quality assurance, compliance, or performance. No more making decisions based on hunches and impartial information or poor data. 

Turning insights into action

Here’s how our new features help you make informed, confident decisions with a little help from AI-powered workflows.

  • Real-Time Agent Performance Dashboard: Automatically identify top and bottom-performing agents across your team. Prioritize coaching for agents that need help the fastest and celebrate top performers.
  • Missed Opportunities: Identify the skills agents need to improve on with the Missed Opportunities panel. Automatically understand where agents need help the most and tailor coaching programs to their needs. Track progress over time.
  • Action Plans & Documentation: Make a plan with your agent and document commitments. Automatically schedule follow-up notes and reminders to keep agents on track.

Measure what matters

Increase touch points with your agents and get 100% visibility into agent performance to unlock new, undiscovered ROI.

  • Coaching Tags & Reports: Automatically track the success of your coaching programs and connect coaching conversations to operational KPIs. Make supervisor and team lead feedback consistent and measurable. Know which coaches are driving the biggest improvements in performance, and who lead the most engaged teams.
  • Coaching Forms: Bring consistency to the way coaches deliver and document feedback. Prep for coaching sessions in minutes with templates customized to your team’s performance metrics. 
  • Centralized Documentation: Showcase evidence of everything your team has done to make agents successful. Track the unique development journey of each agent.
1. Tag coaching conversations to business and quality metrics.
2. Connect feedback to specific interactions and show what went well and what didn’t.
3. Document what agents have committed to improve. Follow-up on progress.

Drive results with AI and automation

Customers that use Observe.AI Agent Performance & Coaching features reported a 4X increase in the number of coaching sessions managers and supervisors completed over a three month period.

This is a direct result of Observe.AI’s automation capabilities, which offers contact center operators 100% visibility into agent performance via industry-leading voice transcription, sentiment analysis, and recommendation engines. 

Get started with agent performance and coaching today

To learn more about this product, check out our new Agent Performance & Coaching resource hub for technical one-pagers, customer case studies, product videos, and more.

Most importantly, don’t miss our two-part Agent Performance & Coaching launch webinar series to learn more about these exciting new features:

  • Wednesday, March 3 - Building Elite CX Teams With AI - Register Here
  • Tuesday, March 9 - Agent Performance & Coaching Technical Demo Webinar - Register Here

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swapnil observeai

Swapnil Jain is CEO and co-founder of Observe.AI. Prior to Observe.AI, Swapnil was among Twitter’s first India employees, helping open the company’s offices there and spearheading its first India-based engineering team. Connect with Swapnil on LinkedIn.

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Swapnil Jain
Co-Founder and CEO, Observe.AI
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May 7, 2021

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