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How Alcon Laboratories harnesses accurate insights to fuel QM efforts

We interviewed Alcon Laboratories’ Casey Headden, Manager of Reporting & Analytics, and Lynn Couttie, Project Manager, to learn why Alcon chose to partner with Observe.AI, and how they’re getting value today.

With a team of 19 supervisors, 1 QA analyst, and 200 agents receiving 1,300 calls per day, Alcon Laboratories was looking for a solution that gave them speech analytics insights, a data-informed QM process, and the ability to improve agent performance & coaching.

Business requirements


  • Metadata restrictions: Alcon needed to find a vendor that could ingest all metadata.

Biggest challenge with former vendor

  • Transcription accuracy was 60-70%, meaning that data couldn’t be used to inform business decisions with high fidelity. 

Choosing Observe.AI

  • Fast implementation and time to value
  • Better transcription accuracy out of the box
  • 100% analysis of customer interactions
  • Reducing services from three to a single platform
  • Ongoing customer support and professional services
“Right out of the box, Observe.AI’s transcription accuracy was better than what we saw during the 18-month relationship we had with our previous vendor. And it’s only continued to improve over time.”
—Casey Headden, Manager of Reporting & Analytics, Alcon Laboratories


  • AI-powered keyword monitoring, or’ Moments,’ inform data-driven performance feedback
  • High evaluations output with 1:150 QA-to-Agent ratio
  • More transparent QA evaluation process
  • Tighter feedback loops with agents that contributed to 15% increase in NPS scores
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