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How this F500 global medical products company harnesses accurate insights to fuel QM efforts

How this F500 global medical products company harnesses accurate insights to fuel QM efforts

We interviewed Casey Headden, Manager Reporting & Analytics, and Lynn Couttie, Project Manager, to learn why their Fortune 500 global medical products company chose to partner with Observe.AI, and how they’re getting value today.

With a team of 19 supervisors, 1 QA analyst, and 200 agents receiving 1,300 calls per day, This Fortune 500 global medical products company was looking for a solution that gave them speech analytics insights, a data-informed QM process, and the ability to improve agent performance & coaching while protecting customer data.

Business requirements


  • Metadata restrictions: The company needed to find a vendor that could ingest all metadata.

Biggest challenge with former vendor

  • Transcription accuracy was 60-70%, meaning that data couldn’t be used to inform business decisions with high fidelity. 

Choosing Observe.AI

  • Better transcription accuracy out of the box
  • Selective redaction, an ML-powered capability that secures sensitive information on calls with higher precision. With this, they can drive greater data compliance and quickly review calls without compromising the context of the conversation.
  • 100% analysis of customer interactions
  • Reducing services from three to a single platform
  • Ongoing customer support and professional services
“Right out of the box, Observe.AI’s transcription accuracy was better than what we saw during the 18-month relationship we had with our previous vendor. And it’s only continued to improve over time.”
—Casey Headden, Manager, Reporting & Analytics, F500 Global Medical Products Company


  • AI-powered keyword monitoring, or’ Moments,’ inform data-driven performance feedback
  • With selective redaction, the issue of over-redaction or under-redaction is solved and allows the company to customize automated redaction to their unique needs.
  • High evaluations output with 1:150 QA-to-Agent ratio
  • More transparent QA evaluation process
  • Tighter feedback loops with agents that contributed to 15% increase in NPS scores
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Gabriela Contreras
Customer Marketing, Observe.AI
LinkedIn profile
July 6, 2021

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