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G2 Momentum Continues for Observe.AI

G2 Momentum Continues for Observe.AI

Turning contact centers into growth centers with AI and automation

Uncertainty may be everywhere right now, but we have never been more confident about the investments we’re making to deliver value to our customers. 

G2’s recently released Fall Reports are a signal those investments are paying off as we continue to climb the rankings thanks to our biggest supporters, our customers.

Not only were we designated Leader for Speech Analytics, Conversation Intelligence, and Contact Center Quality Assurance, our customer reviews increased our ranking across 15 reports, now appear on four new reports, and earned Fastest Implementation for the Contact Center QA Enterprise index.

We fully believe in the power of conversation intelligence to drive visibility that fuels performance in customer experience, sales and revenue generation, operational efficiency, and compliance—and if our G2 rankings show us anything, it’s that our customers believe in it too.

Just this past year, we’ve made strategic investments in our product and services to ensure our customers continue to realize the full value of Observe.AI’s Conversation Intelligence Platform.

Auto QA: A New Era of Quality Assurance Automation

This spring we rolled out Auto QA, the industry’s first adaptive automation solution for boosting agent performance. Auto QA automatically analyzes and scores 100% of customer conversations and chats at scale, allowing you to coach agents based on what’s actually happening on the front lines, using targeted, personalized insights that boost performance. 

"100% automation is a huge win for our agents, our QA team, and our entire organization to evaluate all our compliance moments with Auto QA,” says a QA leader at a top financial services company.

Reporting & Analytics: Turning Insights into Action

In August, we introduced Reporting & Analytics, a series of easy-to-use dashboards that make it simple to investigate trends, test hypotheses and understand what works—and what doesn’t—when it comes to improving CX, sales, marketing execution, product development and more. 

Not only that, but those insights plug directly into our coaching programs so contact center leaders can take action on the information and drive performance in one seamless platform. 

“Observe.AI Reporting & Analytics allows us to deepen our understanding of the member experience with greater precision,” says Tod Kehrli, Senior Director of Technology Services at Accolade, Inc. “With their timely and contextualized insights, we’re able to rapidly promote successful behaviors across our team, and ensure we’re delivering the highest-quality healthcare experience.”

Selective Redaction: Compliance Without Losing Contex

We also launched Selective Redaction, which uses the power of AI to selectively redact sensitive customer information from all conversations with the highest degree of precision and accuracy—and without losing critical contextual informationI. As a result, our customers are reducing compliance risk while boosting QA accuracy and agent performance.

Conversation Intelligence Consulting: Services Designed for Your Success

We’re not just investing in our product. We’re also investing in more ways to help you get the most from it. In September, we launched Conversation Intelligence Consulting Services, a new suite of highly specialized and integrated services designed to help contact centers maximize the value of Conversation Intelligence in their organization. These services aim to deepen the value of our platform for our customers by providing extensive technical expertise, organizational training and strategic advice. 

“Working closely with the team at Observe.AI has allowed us to excavate deeper insights from our customer interaction data, and apply this intelligence faster and more precisely to drive action across the organization,” said Dilhara Kaluarachchi, VP Customer Care Center at Public Storage. “For instance, we were able to identify the behaviors displayed by our top sales agents and leverage this with targeted coaching to drive better conversion in all agents.”

The Future Is Conversation Intelligence

While we are grateful to our customers for continuing to sing our praise, the truth is, we’re just getting started. 

Thanks to our $125 million in Series C funding led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2, with participation from Zoom Video Communications, Inc. earlier this year, we plan to bring every contact center into the era of AI.

Want to learn more about Observe.AI? We’d love to chat—or watch our on-demand demo.

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