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Insights and analysis on AI and machine learning from our engineering team.

How Observe.AI Optimized Elasticsearch Aggregations for Nested Fields
Harsh Sahu
January 2, 2020
Elasticsearch is used as our secondary datastore for running queries and search on call transcriptions. In this article, we’ll discuss optimizations on the schema of our Elasticsearch index to suit our reporting workload.
How Observe.AI Scaled Elasticsearch Throughput for Searches in Individual Documents
Aakash Bhardwaj
December 16, 2019
We use Elasticsearch as our secondary datastore to run queries and search on voice call transactions. Here's how we scaled the search step.
Hello World in Speech Recognition
Apoorv Nandan
September 3, 2019
Stripped down end to end ASR in Tensorflow. This blog will help you write a basic end to end ASR system using Tensorflow.
Speech Analytics and AI - a closer look
Amitt Sharma
April 30, 2019
Voice analytics is changing how modern ca centers look at insights from their 'voice gold mines'.
All about setting up Tensorflow Serving
Apoorv Nandan
April 22, 2019
AI needed huge computing power only a few years ago. Now anyone interested in this field can set up their tools in no time and run some of the most advanced processes in opensource tools.
Alexa good, Your IVR bad
Christian Wathne
April 22, 2019
Why Alexa is fun but your Call Center IVR is not and How to build your IVR for modern-day customer experience.
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