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ContactPoint 360 Transforms their Contact Center Operations, Achieving 77% Efficiency Gains

With Observe.AI, ContactPoint 360 transformed their contact center operations, achieving 77% efficiency gains.

efficiency gains through Auto QA
hours saved per month
improvement in compliance


ContactPoint 360 is a BPO in Canada, servicing clients across North America. They provide top-tier customer support outsourcing solutions for brands across a wide range of industries. With advanced contact center technology and a data-driven approach, ContactPoint 360’s ultimate mission is to enhance customer experience and increase revenue through optimizing business processes.

The ContactPoint 360 team is hyper-focused on how they can provide better support, strengthen relationships, and drive additional value throughout their portfolio of clients. With a global team of 3,000+ agents, they were looking for a strong technology partner to help them achieve these goals at scale.


ContactPoint 360’s leadership team has always aimed to be ahead of the game. Especially in today’s world of rapid and constant innovation, the team wanted to ensure they were leveraging the latest and greatest technology to transform and elevate how they do business—namely from a Quality Assurance (QA) perspective.

However, scalability is not achievable if you want to evaluate 100% of your interactions without a technology solution. The right technology solution, powered by AI and automation, is a critical piece of the puzzle.

So the team set out to search for a conversation intelligence solution that could supercharge their contact center operations, allowing them to move from their manual QA model into a scalable, data-driven, automated approach.

Jasper Nastor, Global Sr. Manager for Interaction & Speech Analytics, was appointed to spearhead this initiative. Jasper is a two-time Observe.AI customer, so when he was asked about his recommendations for a Conversation Intelligence and Speech Analytics technology solution to take ContactPoint 360’s contact center operations to the next level, he immediately suggested Observe.AI.

“Having worked with Observe.AI for several years and as a two-time customer, I’ve had the chance to see the product development and the innovation along the years,” says Jasper. “The Observe.AI team has been consistently listening to their customer base, as I’ve shared product feedback and seen it come to fruition over time.”

Jasper then became the force who would lead the charge with internal efforts—driving implementation as well as the adoption of Observe.AI on the ContactPoint 360 side. “Our biggest goal was to get more out of our business – and in order to do this, we needed to move from the traditional approach of randomly listening to calls on a daily basis to shifting to a data-driven, technology-first approach to scale our QA efforts, increase our agent efficiency and drive business results.”


And drive business results, they did.

The ContactPoint 360 team is leveraging Observe.AI with a select number of their end clients, one being a utilities and energy company. The client was experiencing a myriad of challenges, including compliance risk, operational efficiencies and, to top it all off, lack of meaningful business insights which made them unable to pinpoint where these issues were starting.

This particular client’s business model involved collections, and their agents were required to complete a call recording disclosure script. Jasper narrowed down a few areas of opportunity where the client could leverage speech analytics and conversation intelligence to ensure agents were completing their required scripts, as well as identify any other ongoing issues.

During implementation and setting up the client’s Observe.AI instance, the ContactPoint 360 team began to design their Moments to tackle these business challenges and move towards solving the problems at hand.

Moments: the key instances throughout an agent’s interaction with a customer that are important to identify, in order to be able to find these instances at scale across all their contact center data. 

They designed a Moment to capture the actual call disclosure scripting, which then helped the operations team track agent compliance. Over the course of one quarter, the team realized a 40% increase in compliance, and they are continuing to see compliance improvements.

Before Observe.AI, the quality assurance (QA) process was entirely manual, and each 21-question evaluation took the QA and Team Leaders 30 minutes to properly evaluate. With the help of Observe.AI’s Auto QA solution, the team has been able to automate 17 out of 21 questions.

Auto QA: The ability to have the machine evaluate 100% of your interaction built off of your desired “Moments’’. Things like: Did your agent demonstrate the proper call recording disclosure?

The team has cut down the 30-minute evaluation period to an average of 6:48, a 77% efficiency gain giving back each supervisor 68 working hours a month.

This extraordinary amount of time saved for each QA and Team Leaders has been used for other tasks that help drive business value, such as coaching, developing business strategy, and data analysis.

“Our dedicated team members are now spending more time up-leveling their roles and impact, using those 68 additional hours a month on strategic business initiatives, investing in their agents’ performance, and developing better coaching rather than the standard QA tasks,” says Jasper.

What's Next?

The ContactPoint 360 team is eager to continue pitching Observe.AI to more clients in their portfolio. Through positive feedback from the current client base leveraging Observe.AI, they have a handful of anecdotes and business metrics as solid proof points to help spread the word.

Jasper considers himself the catalyst of Observe.AI within ContactPoint 360, and rightfully so. “Observe.AI has helped make my life easier because it is technology-infused innovation in the contact center that has upleveled the conventional QA approach into an advanced, data-driven, strategic motion,” he says.”We have proof of concept through successful business results. The positive impact is speaking for itself which is helping to drive further adoption across our client base.”

The team is also continuing to innovate around how to up-level their QA team members, seeing them more as business analysts as they strengthen their Observe.AI adoption.

“Observe.AI is not just a tool, it’s a solution that guides and supports our team of speech analysts and supervisors, and allows them to make a greater impact in their roles using the power of technology,” says Jasper. “Observe.AI is revolutionizing the QA game as we know it.”

ContactPoint 360 provides home-based services with superior customer service expertise.
The team wanted to transform their manual QA model into a scalable, data-driven, automated approach.
After implementing Observe.AI, the team has been able to automate the evaluation of every question, saving time, improving efficiency, and reducing compliance risk.
Toronto, Ontario
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