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Drive contact center excellence with Observe.AI

Hundreds of top brands have already transformed their contact centers with Observe.AI. Now it’s your turn.
We’ll walk you through the Observe.AI platform so you can see how our conversation intelligence platform can help you boost CX, revenue, operational efficiency, and compliance.
Understand what's happening in your business and improve CX
Boost and accelerate agent performance
Improve sales execution and revenue growth
Reduce compliance risk
Our customers love us
Paritosh Pathak Chief Information Officer

"Observe.AI is critical for training agents on the job, improving compliance, and catching trends around keywords being said. The platform brings wisdom of the entire system to that agent, and empowers them with data.”

Ken Cohen
VP of Business
Development &
Consumer Sales

“It is an easy to implement tool which also allows you to create “Moments” within the blink of eye, driving sales up and customer issues down while ensuring a positive customer experience.”

Kyle Kizer
Manager Customer
Service Operations

“Observe.AI lets us filter through thousands of calls, find pain points, analyze customer feedback, and act with urgency to improve our CX. Also strategically plan innovative efforts based around the customer, for the customer.