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How Nations Info Corp Improved Save Rates by 2X and Reduced AHT by 43% Using Auto QA

How Nations Info Corp Improved Save Rates by 2X and Reduced AHT by 43% Using Auto QA

You don’t know what you don’t know, and many contact centers have limited visibility into what is happening on their front lines. This is due to the fact that most of them are running around 2% of conversations through a formal process. 

This too was the case for Nations Info Corp until they discovered Auto QA. Auto QA uses the power of AI and machine learning to automatically recommend and score agent evaluation form responses at scale, allowing teams to accomplish the unfathomable: the ability to QA 100% of interactions. 

But that’s not the real story.

The real story is what Nations was able to do with this new treasure trove of conversation data right at their fingertips and how that drove real outcomes to the business in revenue generation, retention and operational efficiency.

Nations Info Corp Created a Data-Driven Contact Center

Nations Info Corp is on a mission to help people achieve financial and real estate milestones by synthesizing and packaging complex data into user-friendly products. But as the company sought more and better ways to optimize their business, the team needed a way to make more informed strategic business decisions.

“With no reliable data collecting and sorting tool, decisions about the contact center were often made on hunches,” says Marlon Pacheco, Director of Training and Quality at Nations Info Corp. “We needed to become a more data-driven organization. There was no easy way to quantify how agent performance mapped to cost savings or revenue generation within our business.”

Using a new data-driven approach through Observe.AI’s automation solution, Auto QA, Pacheco began to drive real change across the entire business, including improving save rates, driving down average handle time (AHT), and boosting operational efficiency.

Improving Save Rates by 2X, Reducing Revenue Leak

Revenue is a top line metric for Pacheco and Nations’ leadership. When agents were fielding calls to cancel service they would leverage a rebuttal script in order to save business, even when it meant reducing the customer to a lower tier price package. 

Thanks to Observe.AI and Auto QA, Pacheco was able to see if agents were skipping over a key pricing tier, increasing saved revenue. By identifying this behavior Nations improved save rates from 9% to 18%.

Reducing AHT by 43%

Reducing average handle time to improve customer experience and agent productivity was an important task for the Nations team in order to operate more efficiently and boost agent performance. 

In order to do this Pacheco’s team analyzed customer-agent interactions with Observe.AI and removed any “fluffy” areas from the agent talk track. They used Auto QA to give them 100% visibility into customer-agent interactions and the most critical lines of their talk track in order to pull off this major script refresh. By doing so Nations AHT went from 580 seconds to 330 seconds.

400+ Hours Saved Annually

Pacheco’s team would typically dedicate hours every week to manually crunch numbers in order to identify trends and patterns that drive strategic business outcomes. 

With the Auto QA Reporting Dashboard, Pacheco’s team can now see what is happening on the front-lines of customer and agent interaction immediately, saving eight hours every week. Now they spend more time putting strategic initiatives into motion that would impact the business.

Want more details on how they got here? Check out our Nations Info Corp Case Study here.

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Farhan Shakeel
Sr. Customer Success Manager
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November 30, 2022

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