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Figo Saves $700K a Year, Gains Critical Visibility into the Business

Figo Saves $700K a Year, Gains Critical Visibility into the Business

If we told you that a fast growing pet insurance company was saving hundreds of thousands of dollars a year and realizing more than 1000% ROI, you wouldn’t believe us. Rightfully so. Those numbers sound fake.

But they’re not. And we have the data.

The craziest thing? The cost savings aren’t the only value they’re getting. It’s the massive visibility into every customer conversation, giving them the ability to make business critical decisions with confidence.

Figo Pet Insurance has transformed their business with actionable insights that fuel agent coaching, drive business decisions, and improve operations. 

Auto QA uses the power of AI and machine learning to automatically recommend and score agent evaluation form responses at scale, allowing teams to accomplish the unfathomable: the ability to QA 100% of interactions. 

So how is Figo Pet Insurance leveraging Auto QA to transform their business? Read on to find out.

Figo Pet Insurance's Story of Digital Transformation

Figo Pet Insurance is gaining customers, along with insurance orders and service-related engagements at a rapid pace. 

Ken Fausel, Director of Customer Experience at Figo, turned to Observe.AI to automate critical QA processes with its automated QA solution, Auto QA. 

“The speed of the business moves fast and we needed better data to make business decisions quickly,” said Fausel.” With Auto QA, we’re able to get more data very quickly so if we find an area we can improve on or need to correct, we can make the change within the month because we’re confident in our decisions, instead of taking six months to change a process.” 

Implementing Observe.AI allowed Fausel and Figo to gain unprecedented visibility into every front line customer engagement without needing to hire QA specialists. Saving time, money and the energy required to hire, train, and manage a new team. 

Now, Auto QA is evaluating all of the calls coming into Figo’s contact center and providing the entire company with actionable insights that fuel agent coaching, drive business decisions, and improve operations.

Improving Efficiency with Targeted Coaching

Anytime Fausel noticed a potential trend where associates were unclear on how they were describing a benefit in their policies, Figo leadership might have to take the time and energy to do a broad team training. 

Now, with Observe.AI they are able to see if it was just a few associates or the entire team that required clarification, saving time and energy in training sessions, making them both more effective and efficient.

Combating Cancellations

Whenever someone would call to cancel Figo’s pet insurance service, their agents were instructed to ask for a reason. 

Using Observe.AI, the team is able to get immediate insight into causes for cancellations, identify trends across the entire team, and devise a plan to combat the ones with highest business impact.

Scoring Agents Fairly

As we all know, agents are the front line of your business, and attrition and retention is always a common challenge. If an agent feels like their customer conversations were being evaluated unfairly or being judged based on a handful of bad interactions, it can lead the agent looking elsewhere.

By implementing Auto QA, grading agents on a limited sample size is no longer possible because every call is being evaluated and team members are being coached on actual data-backed trends rather than a few instances.

Shifting Focus to Growth

All teams are prone to human subjectivity and error, which can create unnecessary tension between quality teams and operational teams as they debate whether an agent’s score is warranted or an assessment needs better calibration. 

With Auto QA, Fausel and his team have been able to shift from debating the data to taking action on it: “Instead of supervisors focusing on why their agents should be scored differently, they can focus on coaching and development and moving their team forward quickly.”

Want more details on how they got here? Check out our Figo Pet Insurance Case Study here.

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Anh Nguyen
Customer Success Manager
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November 30, 2022

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