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Observe.AI Launches Screen Recording for Better Contact Center Visibility

Observe.AI Launches Screen Recording for Better Contact Center Visibility

Drive better business outcomes by using agent screen recording

Having visibility into your agent’s behavior during conversations is critical to the success of your business. Without an agent’s screen recording you will have limited visibility into all conversations and it’s difficult to know if your agents followed the process or captured the right customer information during and after the call. Additionally it is hard to understand if agents are using the correct tools and resources needed for the critical conversations.

Today, we're announcing Screen Recording as part of our Conversation Intelligence platform. Read on for more details.

Top 5 reasons Screen Recording is important for contact centers

Screen recording helps contact center leadership improve performance in a number of ways—and it’s especially important in a hybrid or remote work environment where it’s not always possible to walk the floor or see calls as they happen. 

Here’s why you should invest in screen recording: 

Quality Assurance & Coaching

Screen recording allows contact center supervisors and managers to monitor the interactions between agents and customers. By reviewing both the agent’s screen activity and the audio conversation, they can assess the quality of customer service provided, identify areas for improvement, and offer targeted coaching and training.

Agent Performance 

With screen recording, managers can assess how well the agents use the software, whether they follow company procedures and how efficiently they resolve customer issues. Additionally, managers are able to specifically understand the areas of opportunities on those high average handle time (AHT) calls and calls with hold time violations (HTV) or where they got a lower CSAT score.

Process Adherence 

Screen recording is a valuable tool for monitoring and ensuring that agents follow prescribed procedures and guidelines during their interactions with customers or while performing their tasks. It allows managers and supervisors to review agents' actions retrospectively to identify areas for improvement, provide feedback, and maintain quality assurance.

Dispute Resolution 

Having access to the entire conversation, along with the agent’s actions on the screen, helps in resolving a dispute.

Training and Onboarding 

Screen recordings of well-done conversations can be used in training materials to demonstrate how to use specific software or navigate different systems effectively.

Introducing Screen Recording from Observe.AI

Observe.AI Screen Recording empowers QAs and supervisors to view agent screen activity during and after the agent-customer interaction. It helps them understand and identify challenges faced by agents such as difficulties in the agent workflow and any issues with process adherence.

Screen Recording for Managers

Managers can evaluate and coach agents with complete context (audio, transcript and now screen recording) all in one place, all in sync. It allows side-by-side shadowing for remote agents. 

Screen recording can be a powerful tool for managers seeking to enhance agent performance and compliance within their teams. By leveraging screen recording technology, managers can gain valuable insights into the factors influencing high AHT. By observing agents during periods of dead air and high talk time, managers can pinpoint specific challenges that may be hindering efficiency. Additionally, screen recording allows managers to delve into escalated conversations, enabling them to understand the dynamics at play and identify areas for improvement in customer interactions.

Furthermore, screen recording proves invaluable in uncovering roadblocks faced by agents when adopting new tools and processes. By reviewing recorded interactions, managers can identify instances where agents may struggle to navigate through unfamiliar systems or face challenges in adapting to updated protocols. This knowledge empowers managers to provide targeted training and support to ensure smoother transitions.

Moreover, screen recording facilitates adherence to established protocols and guidelines. Managers can verify if agents are following correct procedures during calls and after-call work (ACW) by reviewing screen recordings that are attached to the respective calls. This level of scrutiny helps maintain consistency in service delivery and compliance with company policies.

Screen Recorder: An easy-to-use desktop app for agents

Observe.AI’s Screen Recording simplifies the installation and setup to make it easier for the agents.

Lightweight app with easy install 

Easy Install Process:

  • Administer the app centrally through the Microsoft standard installer (MSI) based silent install.
  • Streamline deployment across your organization effortlessly.

Efficient Performance:

  • Finely tuned to ensure minimal impact on CPU, memory, and network usage.
  • Provides a smooth and efficient performance without slowing down your system.

Compatibility with VDI Setups:

  • Fully compatible with VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) setups.
  • Users in VDI environments can seamlessly utilize all features without compromise.

No agent intervention

Optional Single Sign-On (SSO) Feature:

  • Provides a persistent login, eliminating the need for agents to log in daily.
  • Saves valuable time and effort for agents.

Automated Redaction:

  • Sensitive information is automatically protected without manual intervention.
  • Eliminates the need for pausing and resuming tasks for redaction.

Uninterrupted Workflows:

  • Operates as a background application for seamless agent work.
  • Ensures agents can work without interruptions.

Why choose Observe.AI for Screen Recording

Screen recording is an important product and can be extremely useful for contact center operators. But, it is also very important that vendors who provide this capability take all the necessary steps to secure customer data. 

Visual redaction of confidential customer data from screen recordings needs a different thought process from audio-based or text-based redaction. But several vendors continue to treat screen recordings similar to audio/text and provide manual redaction or audio-based video redaction methods which are error-prone. 

Manual redaction methods lead to over-redaction/under-redaction as agents forget to hit that pause button while handling customer's sensitive data. On the other hand, audio-based video redaction methods are error prone because agent/customer talking about confidential information may not necessarily overlap with agents viewing and updating customer's information on screen.

Unlike other vendors, Observe.AI handles screen recordings exclusively and provides multiple automated redaction options that do not require any intervention from agents.

We provide multiple options for redaction:

  • API-based redaction - For customers looking to control what agent activity should be recorded, we provide APIs that can be called to achieve automated redaction.
  • Browser Plugin-based redaction - Alternatively, customers could use ObserveAI's browser plugin coupled with some pre-set configurations to prevent recording agent activity on certain browser apps.

Observe.AI also provides screen recording reporting capabilities to understand agent-level screen recording activation and Interaction-level screen recording capability.

Overall, ObserveAI's screen recording capability adds a visual dimension to the conversations and helps QA managers and supervisors to uplevel QA and coaching processes while securing customer data with flexible and automated redaction options.

We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can support the unique needs of your business. See a demo today.

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Arvind Rangarajan
Director, Product Marketing
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July 26, 2023

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