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3 New Ways Observe.AI Helps Contact Centers Power Workflows with Customer Conversation Data

3 New Ways Observe.AI Helps Contact Centers Power Workflows with Customer Conversation Data

Customer conversations are the richest source of data that can drive meaningful improvement in agent performance in the contact center. But in a recent survey, 31% of contact center execs told us they lacked visibility into customer interactions and the ability to activate this data to optimize repeatable workflows.

With 80% of customers prioritizing experience with an agent as high as the products themselves, and 78% of customers changing perception of the brand based on a single interaction—understanding what’s happening in customer conversations, how well agents are handling them, and whether they’re achieving the desired result becomes even more critical.

At Observe.AI, we’re using the power of conversation intelligence and AI to extract insights from 100% of customer interaction data, optimize agent performance, and automate processes that drive revenue and customer experience.

Today we’re adding three new ways for enterprise contact centers to get faster access to their treasure trove of interaction data to improve CSAT, agent performance, compliance adherence, and contact center performance.

Introducing Diarization, Reporting APIs, and SSO


Automatically know “who said what” so that you can unlock hidden insights in your conversations

Do you still scratch your head to understand who on the call is complaining? And, do you evaluate by listening to the call countless times? These scenarios might sound familiar if your contact center runs on a mono audio channel.

Knowing who said what is impossible to understand from the call transcribed via the mono audio channel unless you’re actively listening for the distinct voices.

With our new AI-powered diarization capability, we're turning unstructured data into structured data—using automatic speaker classification and deep neural models to automatically identify what the agent is saying and what the customer is saying with high accuracy.

Now, you can easily understand the full context of the conversation—who on the call is complaining, what is the customer sentiment—so you can better evaluate and coach your agents for success and ensure you’re meeting compliance regulations. What’s even better is that you can get a dual-channel experience without the hassles of any software upgrade.

Reporting APIs

Answer key business questions and accelerate time to action

Is poor customer sentiment impacting revenue? How is agent performance affecting CSAT scores? Are appraisal decisions aligned with agent performance data?

You can answer these questions and more by integrating Observe.AI’s Reporting APIs with your data infrastructure to build comprehensive business reporting. Observe.AI's Reporting APIs are a collection of RESTful APIs that provide convenient and secure access to interactions, evaluations and coaching data.

With our reporting APIs, you can quickly build a single source of truth for data analysis and reporting. You can get rich business insights by connecting Observe.AI’s data with CRMs, data warehouses, telephony systems, scheduling software, and many more data sources—giving you more insights so you can make better decisions about your business.


Make sure your interaction data is protected with secure access to Observe.AI  

Now with more visibility into customer interaction data, you need to make sure it’s done securely. With our single sign-on capabilities, you can manage login access for every user in your organization, provide a smooth user experience, and ensure that only the right people can access your data in Observe.AI.

Want to learn how to put all these excellent new capabilities to work in your organization? We’d love to hear from you and discuss how we can support the unique needs of your business. Get in touch with us today

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Harshit Jain
Product Marketing, Observe.AI
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June 16, 2022

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