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New Report: How Contact Center Leaders Are Preparing for Economic Uncertainty

New Report: How Contact Center Leaders Are Preparing for Economic Uncertainty

300+ contact center leaders share their outlook for 2023

Although the economy seems tenuous, 2023 looks bright for contact centers. 

Technology budgets, agent hiring, and overall optimism are heading in a promising direction, according to our new study, Building a Resilient Contact Center: How Leaders Are Preparing for Economic Uncertainty.

The demand from customers is not fading any time soon (92% of respondents expect call volumes to increase or stay the same), and businesses will need a skilled workforce to navigate those conversations to drive revenue and retention.

More so, leaders are realizing the content of customer conversations is an untapped treasure trove of information that could have major implications on how business decisions are made.

99% of contact center leaders are using conversation insights to inform business decisions—and not just for the contact center either. Leaders are using data from the customer conversations and applying those learnings to marketing, product development, operations, logistics, and more.

But it’s not so easy.

Only 37% are completely satisfied with their level of visibility into those conversations, which means leaders are making decisions based on insights they’re not completely satisfied with.

The right AI and automation tooling, like conversation intelligence, can help. 

Our previous study found 96% of respondents said conversation intelligence improved contact center transparency. In addition, contact center leaders using conversation intelligence were 10X more likely to feel very prepared for the future than those who weren’t. 

In this study, we see real-time AI emerge as one of the key use cases that’s top of mind for contact center executives.

It’s clear respondents view AI and automation as critical to unlocking the vast amounts of raw data that live within contact center customer conversations in order to make better business decisions.

Those able to do so will have the upper hand in 2023 and beyond.

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Michael Lowe
Head of Content
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March 2, 2023

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