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Observe.AI named Speech Analytics and Quality Assurance leader by G2 Summer 2022 report

Observe.AI named Speech Analytics and Quality Assurance leader by G2 Summer 2022 report

On G2’s Summer Reports, Observe.AI ranked #1 in enterprise support, implementation, and usability

We’re thrilled to announce that Observe.AI has been recognized as a leader in Speech Analytics and Quality Assurance on G2’s Summer Reports. Helping contact center service and sales teams work better and faster has been our goal since day 1, which is why we continue to invest in making our customers successful where it matters most: CX, sales execution, compliance, and operational efficiency.

This recognition is a testament to the value we’ve driven for service and sales leaders, managers, and agents worldwide who are driving 10x business outcomes with the help of actionable, accurate insights that fuel and automate critical QA and coaching workflows. Observe.AI was also ranked #1 in Quality of enterprise support, easiest setup and fastest implementation, signaling our commitment to delivering our solution with the utmost care.

G2 is a well known and objective source for understanding how people really feel about your product. As such, we’re thrilled to be included. These recognitions are a reflection of our deep investment in our technology and platform and our commitment to #customerlove. And it shows in our reviews.

Read on to see authentic reviews to learn what the Crowd is saying.

Hitting Goals for Service and Sales Organizations

Contact center and sales leaders are able to hit their most important operational, CX, and sales KPIs with one platform that helps drive behavior change in both service agents and sales reps. This is thanks to Observe.AI’s ability to create tailored, customizable monitoring of key points of interest in customer conversations, which enable you to uncover learnings that range from how your agents are delivering customer support help to the ways in which your sales reps are pitching products and services.

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Driving Results with Trustworthy Insights

Without accurate data, it’s impossible to make business decisions. That’s why Observe.AI’s leading speech-to-text transcription engine enables teams to have a clear line of sight into what agents and sales reps are saying across 100% of customer interactions. The result is not only visibility into the customer experience, but an actionable way to drive cross-functional alignment and enforce customer engagement strategies.

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Better Performance, Faster

With more efficient processes, teams can do more of the work that matters most. Observe.AI layers insights into built-in coaching workflows that enable trainers and quality analysts to evaluate 5x more interactions in half the time. This means agents and reps can receive the feedback they need faster and improve on key skills.

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Driving Excellent CX

Keeping a pulse on customer needs is easy with analytics on every customer conversation, enabling our customers to scale high-quality, consistent experiences, and optimize agent performance. Managers can automatically see if agents are adhering to brand standards or employing best practices. Delivering personalized coaching at scale to drive behavioral change has never been easier.

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Consistent Optimization & Improvement

As a leader in contact center digital transformation, Observe.AI is committed to constant improvement and optimization of every aspect of our platform. Our transcription accuracy improves over time, just as your agents do with targeted, actionable coaching.

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Gabriela Contreras
Customer Marketing, Observe.AI
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June 28, 2022

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