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Observe.AI named Leader in Conversation Intelligence by G2

Observe.AI named Leader in Conversation Intelligence by G2

Observe.AI receives more industry recognition in the G2 Summer 2024 report

We’re thrilled to announce that Observe.AI has been recognized as a leader in Conversational Intelligence and Speech Analytics, in the G2 Summer 2024 Reports. Observe.AI also earned the #1 ranking in Enterprise Implementation Index for Speech Analytics, and received 25 badges in total—including Most Implementable, Easiest Setup, and Fastest Implementation within this index.

This recognition highlights our commitment to excellence in Gen AI conversation intelligence for contact centers worldwide.

G2 is a leading online marketplace where users discover, review, and manage the software they need for their organizations. Gaining a high ranking on this specialist review platform is a significant achievement for any company, as it reflects users’ genuine experiences and feedback.

Leading the Way in Speech Analytics and Conversation Intelligence

Earning the #1 spot in the Enterprise Implementation Index for Speech Analytics demonstrates that Observe.AI is making an impact where it matters most: in CX, sales performance, compliance, and operational efficiency. With a score of 7.76 out of 10, Observe.AI has been recognized for its ease of implementation, setup speed, and overall usability.

Earlier this year, Forrester named Observe.AI a ‘Strong Performer’ in The Forrester Wave™: Real-Time Revenue Execution Platforms, Q2 2024. We were given the highest possible score in the adoption criterion, with the report stating: “As exemplified in its high retention and growth rates, Observe.AI focuses on adoption, prioritizing value delivery from day one through ROI planning with customers at implementation.” 

Customers appreciate how the Observe.AI platform seamlessly integrates into their existing systems, enabling them to derive powerful insights from customer interactions.Our technology combines advanced speech analysis with AI-driven automation to deliver real-time and post-interaction support for agents and sellers, improving CX and reducing operating costs.

In addition, we’ve earned the badge of Easiest to Use in the Enterprise Usability Index, with a usability score of 83%—significantly higher than the average score of 77%. 

This recognition is especially meaningful because it highlights our commitment to user-friendly design and functionality.

Accelerating Contact Center Success with Gen AI

At Observe.AI, we are constantly innovating to stay ahead. Our new Gen AI enhancements help contact center leaders accelerate value from their investments in as little as three weeks with effortless configurability and fast implementation.

Traditional approaches to conversation intelligence relied heavily on keywords and phrases to extract precise but limited insights, such as detecting script and disclosure adherence to enhance compliance. However, these methods struggled to derive insights based on complex reasoning and broader subjective questions to answer questions such as “Did the agent respond appropriately to customer objections?” to enrich Auto QA, personalized coaching, and real-time agent guidance workflows at the speed and performance required by enterprise contact centers.

Our latest release enables customers to tackle this last frontier using natural language prompts to extract more nuanced, subjective, and ambiguous insights. Now, contact center leaders no longer have to struggle with incomplete or inaccurate insights and slow, complex implementations. They can fully harness Gen AI to tailor conversation intelligence to their unique business requirements to quickly and securely drive business outcomes at scale. 

Hear from Our Customers

Our customer reviews speak volumes about the impact of Observe.AI. Here are some highlights from their experiences on G2:

“Observe.AI has helped our contact center operate better, not only in terms of quality but also in terms of strategy. We’ve been able to scale our evaluations, thus creating more accurate insights from which the business bases its decisions.”

Read the full review.

“The intelligence [we leverage from Observe.AI] is so advanced that if you want to review a call where you only remember specific words a customer or agent said, simply go to the ‘Analyze’ tab, enter the keyword, and hit enter—it will find the call for you.”

Read the full review.

We are grateful to our customers for their continued support. And as we celebrate these achievements, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of Gen AI conversation intelligence and AI-powered automation for contact centers. Here’s to many more milestones ahead!

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Sharni Medina
Director of Customer Marketing
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July 9, 2024

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