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Introducing the Observe.AI Intelligent Workforce Platform

Introducing the Observe.AI Intelligent Workforce Platform

We’re ushering in a new AI-enabled era for contact centers - one where customer needs are understood, agent experience is prioritized, and business results are exceeded.

The contact center is at the core of the customer experience today. Yet, organizations have continued to invest and pour resources into just about every other function, leaving contact centers to operate as they have for decades - inconsistently, reactively, and in a black box.

They’re left in the dark on their live customer conversations -- arguably the most crucial element of CX -- with no idea how well agents are handling them, and whether they’re achieving their desired end result. Money is left on the table and customer experience is left to chance.

With Observe.AI, everything changes. We’re able to elevate the contact center as a driver of business growth with clear connections to ROI metrics that matter. 

That means trustworthy and actionable intelligence on:

  • 100% visibility into customer conversations, so that every interaction becomes a business improving insight.
  • Agent performance, to maximize your company’s success along with their own employee experience.
  • Business impact, so the contact center delivers positive results around revenue, customer experience, efficiency, and compliance.

The Intelligent Workforce: A new generation of worker

Our goal is to usher in a new generation of contact center worker - AI-empowered, ultra-productive, and constantly improving. These are the tenets of the Intelligent Workforce, and the catalyst for the launch of our Intelligent Workforce Platform.

You’re now empowered to truly understand your customer needs, improve CX behaviors, and drive (and exceed) your business goals. And that’s the key to delivering a breakthrough in revenue generation, customer retention, compliance, and operational efficiency.

We’ve built a contact center force multiplier

Contact centers large and small already use Observe.AI to do more with their resources and delight their customers. Now, that’s supercharged.

  • Fuel revenue growth: You can now optimize every step of the sales process to drive engagement aligned with best practices and increase one-call closes, with surfaced business-improving insights around sentiment, intent, and emotion analysis, further driving conversions and linear performance.
    Explore revenue growth ->
  • Retain more satisfied customers: with visibility into 100% of your interactions, you’ve now got the ammo to improve the way your agents connect with customers (backed by real data), with contextual evaluations and personalized coaching, which means happier customers and stronger retention.
    Explore CX and retention ->
  • Manage compliance and risk: meet compliance standards, reduce fraudulent activity, and keep sensitive customer data secure at all times.
    Explore compliance and risk ->
  • Drive operational efficiency at scale: our platform minimizes manual tasks, reduces headcount needs, and drives strong levels of performance from agents. The result is higher output in less time, reduced overhead costs, and streamlined contact center processes.
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Understand, empower, improve for 10X better outcomes

We know equipping agents and managers with the information they need to perform is the key to ushering in the next era of CX. And that’s why we’re focused on continuing to build the best platform to understand 100% of customer conversations, empower employees to be more productive, and improve through a continuous feedback loop.

Let’s dig into each a bit more.

It starts with our best-in-class AI engine (something we’ve been building in-house since Day One), with industry-leading transcription accuracy and sentiment analysis to drive deep insights into agent performance.

Conversation intelligence identifies keywords and conversation topics so that Supervisors and Managers are able to efficiently locate and understand the most important Moments of your calls and then jump to and analyze them.

Next, AI-powered QA lets QAs move from just checking boxes to providing contextual, impactful feedback to every agent based on complete visibility.

Finally, Agent Performance & Coaching, empowers agents to quickly onboard and improve with timely, relevant, and hyper-targeted coaching programs and powerful feedback loops.

More and more organizations each day use Observe.AI to accomplish more with their resources, delight and inspire customers, and build innovative contact centers that drive transformational business results.

Our journey has just begun

This is a huge moment in our journey to drive excellence in every contact center, no matter how large, no matter what industry. By infusing AI into every layer of your customer experience, we want to enable your business to reach unprecedented levels of success. The end result is ultra-productive workers, a world-class customer experience, and top-tier business results.

As we create this new and exciting AI-powered territory of Intelligent Workforce, there’s nothing but a lot of gratitude towards our customers who’ve consistently reinforced our vision for the future of CX. And for our future customers, we promise to serve and delight you with only the best.

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Swapnil Jain
Co-Founder and CEO, Observe.AI
LinkedIn profile
October 19, 2021

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