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QA Evaluation Forms, powered by contact center AI, now live!

Lindsey Plocek
June 29, 2020

We’re pleased to announce the launch of Evaluation Forms, powered by Voice AI, making life a whole lot easier for everyone involved in your quality management process!

observe.ai evaluation forms

With Observe.AI evaluations, your whole team will work as one to improve agent performance, completing more evaluations in 5x less time. That means they’ll spend more time providing engaging and motivating coaching, backed by data. 

By evaluating agents with real examples and context from customer calls, together we’ll improve your customer experience.

Join us tomorrow at 10am PT for our launch webinar! We'll walk through the new feature, give a live demo, and open the room up for any questions you might have.

Why Observe.AI Evaluation Forms?

“The evaluation process is historically really tedious in the contact center space. Unless you have formal systems, it can be very difficult to transition from monitoring calls to evaluating them while juggling tools and spreadsheets. Observe.AI makes it really easy!”

That’s a quote from Melquin Troncoso, ERC’s Global QA Director. His team uses evaluation forms to provide QAs the ability to deliver data-driven and contextual feedback to agents. At the same time, QAs can arm supervisors and team leads with actionable tips and timestamped examples to coach agents.

Key Benefits

Evaluation Forms lets you go beyond simply scoring calls, delivering contextual, actionable, and sharable feedback, all in one place.

  • Contextual: Boost transparency and minimize disputes, telling agents why they scored well or where they can improve, with examples.
  • Actionable: Enable more targeted coaching by sharing coaching tips right in the transcript that help agents improve fast.
  • Shareable: Easily share data with other teams. Flag compliance breaches and coaching opportunities using timestamps and comments.

How Will This Impact My Time?

AI-powered Evaluation Forms make life easier for everyone involved in your QM process. With evaluations, your whole team will work as one to drive the CX, spending less time evaluating and more time coaching agents with real proof. 

Results you can see:

  • Evaluate calls 5x faster at higher accuracy.
  • 2x to 5x immediate increase in sample rate.
  • 10x more feedback to agents.

Where Can I Get More Information?

Excited to learn more? Join us tomorrow for a live webinar, and we'll walk you through the new feature and show you how to up-level your quality management programs!

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