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98% of contact center leaders are investing in agent experience. Here’s how

Agent experience has become even more important with the shift to remote and hybrid workforces. How are teams staying motivated and engaged while distributed?

Agent experience is the measurement of how enabled, efficient, and effective contact center agents are. The happier and more fulfilled your agents, the happier your customers.

The 2021 Post-Pandemic Contact Center Report of 250 contact center leaders shed light on agent experience.

Half (52%) of surveyed business decision-makers believe that agent experience has a “strong” impact on KPIs and an additional 46% believe that it has at least “somewhat” of an impact.

And it’s become even more important with the shift to remote and hybrid workforces. How are you keeping teams motivated and engaged when you’re not all on the same floor?

How to measure agent experience

It’s no secret that until recently, agent experience was difficult to quantify and measure. But with the emergence of AI-driven contact center platforms, those metrics uncover agent experience in ways we couldn’t before.

And as a result, contact centers have been investing in changes to improve agent experience in 2021. Keeping agents more engaged through regular conversations (58%), providing more personalized coaching and support (57%) and automating workflows to improve agent productivity and time management (54%) are the top changes respondents plan to implement.

Automating workflows is key - it’s what enables agents to focus on active listening, empathizing, and relating to customers. It’s what breaks down the burdens of tedious and menial tasks for agents and lets them operate more efficiently. They’re spending less time on data entry and research, and more time interacting with customers.

Agents are your frontline representatives - and maybe it wasn’t so quantifiable before, but it is now. What were top agents doing to create strong connections with customers, to retain business, to grow accounts. But we do see this is key to differentiating with service in the future.

Looking for more on agent experience?

The full report dives in agent experience and customer experience in Section 2, but also includes results and analysis on AX/CX technologies and use cases from leading contact center operators. Read the full report here.

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Joe Hanson
Growth Marketing, Observe.AI
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May 5, 2021

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